RFID Employee Tracking & Asset Tracking Solution Made for Every Industry

HexaRTLS is a world-leading RTLS for employee tracking and asset tracking solutions of every industry. 


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RFID RTLS Platform

HexaTrack RTLS Platform provides multi OEM UHF RFID and Active RFID devices support to track employees, assets and manufacturing processes in real-time using industry proven, highly customizable, innovatively designed RTLS suite. Control 100s of RFID readers and track unlimited RFID tags with real-time streaming data

RFID Employee Tracking System

RFID based employee tracking system helps organization to improve employee safety, productivity and performance using RFID ID badges. Our long range RFID reader offers employee automated attendance, location intelligence, Geofencing and data analysis to improve the organizational business process.

RFID Asset Tracking System

Hexahash offers proven fixed asset tracking and IT asset management solution using RFID solutions. We made asset management easier by automated data capturing and workflows to reduce manual data entry. Check-in and check-out processes made easy with RFID. Enterprises can manage assets easier now

RFID IT Asset Tracking

A fully automated, real-time IT assets and data center asset tracking system integrated with IoT solutions such as environmental monitoring, security, safety and geofencing. A truly integrated RTLS solution manages the entire lifecycle of your IT and non-IT assets from purchase through end-of-life cycle.

RFID Software

HexaRFID is an RFID Software which contains an RFID middleware engine to interface with a compatible RFID reader for data collection and transfers to 3rd party applications like SAP and Oracle. RFID middleware engine is a radio-frequency identification, management software which positioned between the RFID reader and the enterprise application or database

Laundry Automation

HexaPOS Laundry Point of Sale is a market leading software for laundry and dry cleaning shops around the world. We automate laundry businesses by integrating barcode, QR Code, HF, LF and UHF RFID tagging of linens, soiled garment tracking, route plan for pick and drop of linens and plant management improves laundry businesses

RFID Based Employee Tracking System

Enterprises and manufacturing industries require whereabout of the employees within their work premises is the crucial requirement for organizational growth and its productivity. Every organization has an entry/exit based employee attendance system, but they are not able to track actual working hours and location of each employee which is important for the management to improve productivity and increase ROI. HexaRTLS has been designed in view of these concerns and used by the world’s largest organizations in various industries and domains. HexaRTLS employee tracking system is an only system that offers indoor tracking, outdoor tracking, and a combination of both using UHF Passive RFID, Active RFID, BLE Beacon, UWB, WiFi, and Lorawan. 


UHF RFID Access Control System

HexaRFID Hands-free Access Control System specially designed for a more hygiene environment not only for the health care industry but for every organization. UHF RFID access control system can be integrated with HID access control in order to have the same user database and access credentials to use with UHF RFID. Hence this will remove the hassles of reconfiguration. Our Access control system detects authorized employees 1 to 2 meters away and opens the door. if any unauthorized access trying to enter, it will be alerted by buzzer or LED on the device. HexaRFID is a mini UHF reader for hands-free door access control. Its a UHF Passive RFID based technology (± 865- 900 MHz), employees can be identified up in distance. Hands-free Access Control System complies with the ISO18000-6C and EPC global Gen 2 directive. Due to Covid-19, it’s important to have a contactless access control system to avoid infection which is possible with UHF RFID. 

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