RFID Jewelry Tracking System Using RFID & IoT

End-to-end tracking of jewelry products

From Wax Mold to finished gold article…

From Gold Ornament Manufacturing to sales outlet tracking

RFID Jewelry Tracking System for the Jewelry & Diamond Industry

RFID Jewelry Tracking System provides a multitude of benefits to the gold and diamond manufacturers as well as retailers to a great extent. Gold and diamond jewelry manufacturer requires 100s of 1000s of wax molds to create designer jewelry. The jewelry industry is always competitive with each other for their unique and creative designer gold ornaments. Hence jewelry manufacturers need to produce 10s of 100s of designs and design patterns. Let’s see how wax casting is performed in this industry.

An RFID embedded within the wax molds for traceability and tracking in real-time. RiaceWax, Italy is an industry leader in making machinery for gold jewelry and diamond industry. Their new state of the art wax injector machines has a facility to input mold pressure and temperature information into the RFID tags, which will help jewelry manufacturer to improve their productivity and performance.

Hexahash designed unique RFID tags to be used with RiaceWax machinery for gold jewel manufacturers. Our design team developed an innovative solution to keep the complete product manufacturing and design information into the wax mold which can be tracked easily using RFID handheld readers or fixed readers. Hexahash designed Jewellery manufacturing process kiosks and RFID jewelry tracking offers a multitude of benefits to jewelry manufacturers.

Our RFID RTLS solution has been implemented in many national and international gold jewelry and diamond manufacturing factories in India and overseas. We offer a complete customized solution for each of our customers as each of them is unique.

Hexahash implemented blockchain technology in wax tree investment casting which gives a 100% success rate in production quality and performance which yields millions of dollars benefit.

Wax Mold Tracking

Wax molds fixed with RFID tags facilitate jewelry manufacturers to search their choice of design among N number of wax molds in seconds.

what is lost wax jewelry casting
Lost-wax casting or “investment casting”, or “precision casting” is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (such as silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture. the delicate hand works can be achieved by this method. Jewelry ornament manufacturers using this method mostly across the world.
What is the use of RFID in Lost Wax Casting Molds
Jewelry ornament manufacturers having their designs using the lost-wax casting method and will have 100s of molds for each design. When they are in need of a specific design, it will take 3 hours to 4 hours or even a day to find it. Hence manufacturer’s such as RiaceWax provides wax injector in their casting machine. This will insert the RFID chip inside the mold. Thanks to RFID as it will be easier now to find mold in a minute.
Are you Selling RFID chips for RiaceWax Injection systems?
Yes, Hexahash is selling RFID chips for RiaceWax® Injection Systems. We provide RFID chip with 15mm in a role format that contains 200 or 500 nos of RFID chips which is very durable and can withstand enough heat during the wax injection process. Its a specially designed RFID chips for the jewelry industry.
Do you have complete RFID solution for wax mold tracking?
Yes, We provide a complete RFID solution for the jewelry industry globally.

Wax Tree Tracking using RFID

Jewelry wax tree investment tracking made simple using Hexatrack RFID System. No more misplaced wax trees. Save money, time and resources using one unique solution

What is Lost-Wax Casting Tree?
The lost-wax costing method begins with a rubber mold created around a master model. Rubber is added layer by layer around the model, then heated to form a precise mold of the designer piece. These multiple wax models are attached to a single form which is called as Wax-tree then it will be placed in a cylinder mold. This helps jeweler to create multiple rings at once which saves time, cost and resources.
How does RFID works with Wax-Tree?
The lost-wax costing models are attached to a single form which is called Wax-tree then it will be placed in a cylinder mold. Each of these cylinders will have a similar design mostly and it will have many properties such as design pattern, weight, and dimension. These cylinders are kept on the gold ornament processing machine and it should keep it in the right design pattern with specific properties. if it changed, entire work and output go waste and they have to restart the process. This is waste lots of money, time, and resources. RFID chips attached to the cylinders helps jewelers to identify which cylinder should be processed, where and when it should be used. If any mismatch occurs, RFID will give an alarm or visual indication that there is an issue This will save time and cost for the jewelers. Hexahash has good expertise in this segment.
Do you sell RFID chips for wax-tree cylinders?
Yes, we provide this complete consulting, design and implementation services globally.

Jewelry & Diamond Stock Control using RFID

RFID based shelves and rack management, as well as display tray tracking solutions, empowers the retail industry a solid security system for the jewelry industry.

How Does RFID works with Jewelry Inventory Control
Gold Jewelry and Diamond jewelers need to have a daily inventory and inventory cycle-count frequently. There is a huge time delay due to the manual process or barcode. RFID can help jewelers to have faster inventory scanning and compare the inventory data with the billing/inventory/ERP software and actual stock taking. This will help them a clear picture of their business on a daily basis. Hexahash provides a specially designed RFID handheld reader to achieve faster stocktaking and reporting. We provide hardware as well as software.

Jewelry Loss Prevention using RFID

Hexahash provides a loss prevention solution using the UHF RFID system in integration with video analytic to have a secure sales environment in retail stores. We provide an end-to-end solution that includes site survey, solution designing, the supply of RFID hardware, installation, and implementation as well as integration with your existing application.

Jewellery Software Solutions

Hexa ERP for Jewelry

Jewelry ERP

Microsoft Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Odoo ERP-based ERP software would be customized as per the needs of jewellery and diamond retail businesses. Customers can have a world-class ERP with a state-of-the-art technology upgrades.
Hexapos Jewelry Retail

Jewelry Retail POS

We provide jewelry retail POS or billing software with built-in inventory management software having barcodes as well as UHF passive RFID integration. We can customize Odoo ERP for the jewelry retail stores and jewelry manufacturers as well.
jewelry inventory

Jewelry Inventory App

Hexa inventory management system provides an inventory alone solution integrated with barcode and UHF passive RFID system for accurate inventory and cycle count. Customers can have fixed readers or handheld readers for the inventory management
jewelry wip

Jewelry WIP Software

Jewelry production units lack production process monitoring or work-in-progress monitoring. We provide RFID enabled production monitoring system that traces and tracks work-in-process as expected and compare the same with actual production output.

RFID for Jewellery – Trace & Track Solutions

hexa walkthrough gate

RFID Anti-Theft Gate

RFID for jewellery anti-theft or loss prevention walk-through gate is a simple hardware solution that provides safety of the articles in the retail store and protects them from loss or theft. We provide EAS or RFID+ EAS based walk-through gates for the jewelry stores
rfid handheld reader

RFID Jewelry Inventory

RFID retail stores require an inventory tracking system which is fulfilled by a UHF hand-held reader with an android app integrated with a desktop application. Retailers can compare the expected inventory in the books vs actual inventory on the shelves at any time
jewelry inventory

RFID Jewellery Tagging

RFID for jewelry labels are tiny UHF labels which is crowded in large quantity for a larger retail store. We provide a UHF RFID label specific to the jewelry which gives a better read range and is tiny in size. We provide RFID hard tags, inlays labels, and EAS with UHF RFID labels for jewelry.
jewelry rack

Display Self Inventory

Diamond, Platinum, and precious stone jewelry are high-value items stored in the specific display shelves can be monitored 24/7 with an ‘Always-On’ item count. We convert the existing simple display shelves transforming to smart shelves which help the store to have a high visibility
rfid jewelry tracking

Display Counter Tracker

Jewelry retail stores are required to take the articles from the display shelves or counters each time a retail client buys a particular ornament RFID enabled magic tray helps clients to display articles on top of the tray which counts the article count at all time
Hexa Boundtable

RFID Bound Table

RFID for jewelry bound table is a unique product designed specially for high value, critical items. Its a 100% accurate reading table which will read all the objects on top of the reader in any direction and it can read exactly. There is no more missing RFID tag reading
jewelry rack

RFID Jewellery MagicBox

RFID Jewellery magic box is a unique multi tray box it can read the objects in the tray and compare the objects with the earlier reading. if there is a missing materials in the tray, our system will show an alert which notifies a missed article in the tray
jewelry tag

GPS Jewelry Tracker

Its essential to have a bunch of articles in a bag or container to have a GPS coordinate in order to find its movements. This helps jewelry clients a complete visibility of the bundle of article bag or pack movement and can be viewed in the Google map.