RFID Jewelry Tracking System

 RFID based Jewellery Management System

HexaHash Jewellery tracking system enables jewelers to track and manage their inventory with RFID jewellery tracking system. With our RFID solution tracking and managing jewellery becomes very easy.  Gold and diamond jewelry manufacturer requires 100s of 1000s of wax molds to create a designer jewelry. Jewelry industry is always competitive within each other for their unique and creative designer gold ornaments. Hence jewelry manufacturers need to produce 10s of 100s of designs and design patterns. Let’s see how wax casting is performed in this industry.

Hexahash developed a unique RFID tags to be injected into the wax molds for traceability and tracking in real-time. RiaceWax, Italy is an industry leader in making machinery for gold jewelry and diamond industry. Their new state of the art wax injector machines has a facility to input mold pressure and temperature information into the RFID tags, which will help jewelry manufacturer to improve their productivity and performance.

Hexahash designed a unique RFID tags to be used with RiaceWax machinery by jewelry industry. Our design team developed an innovative solution to keep the complete product manufacturing and design information into the wax mold which can be tracked easily using RFID handheld readers or fixed readers. Hexahash designed Jewellery manufacturing process kiosks and RFID jewelry tracking offers multitude of benefits to jewelry manufacturers.

Our RFID RTLS solution has been implemented in many national and international gold jewellery and diamond manufacturing factories in India and overseas. We offer a complete customized solution for each of our customer as each of them are unique.

Hexahash implemented blockchain technology in wax-tree investment casting which gives 100% success rate in production quality and performance which yields millions of dollars benefit.

End-to-End Real-Time UHF RFID Solution Empowers Leading Jewelry and Diamond Manufacturers Globally

State of the Art RFID Solution All Under One Roof

WaxTree Tracking

Jewelry wax-tree investment tracking made simple using Hexatrack RFID System. It’s a first of its kind in the world. No more misplaced wax-trees. Save money, time and resources using our unique solution

Wax Mold Real-Time Tracking

Wax molds embedded with RFID tags facilitates jewelry industry to search their choice of design among 1000s of wax molds in seconds.No more time consuming search for a specific wax molds.

Always On Retail Tracking

RFID based shelves and rack management as well as display tray tracking solutions empowers retail industry a solid security system for jewelry industry. Impinj xSpan with HexaTrack jewelry tracking gives 24/7 monitoring