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RFID Jewelry Tracking System – Efficient Jewelry Management

RFID jewelry tracking system in jewelry retail helps the retailer to safe guard their jewelry articles and ensure faster inventory counting on daily basis. A revolutionary RFID solution for jewelry stores to secure their Gold, Diamond, Platinum articles innovated by the leading RFID solution provider in India ‘Hexahash’. The RFID smart tray called bound table provides 100% security and safety for jewelry retail stores while daily stock counting and issuing trays to the display counters gives unprecedented peace of mind for the store owners.

By using RFID technology, jewelry store owners can secure gold, diamonds, platinum articles through the RFID tracking systems of  ‘Hexahash’, a leading RFID solution provider in India.

RFID-enabled smart trays, called bound tables, offer jewelry retailers 100% security and safety while providing unprecedented peace of mind to the store owners.  RFID Jewelry management solution uses an innovative solution called ‘RFID bound table’ new technology in an RFID system.  Hexahash brings ‘BoundField’ technology in association with RFID Institute, Japan – which is now the most versatile, accurate, stable, and rapid UHF near field RFID reading technique in the world. RFID BoundArea is not an antenna that radiates electromagnetic waves, but a transmission structure that is designed to manually confine the electromagnetic wave in an assigned space.


RFID Jewelry Management System for Jewelry Injection Wax Molds

RFID Jewelry management system for jewelry injection wax molds. Jewelry manufacturers can search for the design of their choice among a large number of wax molds in seconds using wax molds that are fitted with RFID tags. Lost-wax casting or “investment casting”, or “precision casting” is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (such as silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture. Jewelry ornament manufacturers use this method mostly across the world. Jewelry manufacturers use the lost-wax casting process for their designs and have hundreds of molds for each design. Finding a specific design can take between 3 to 4 hours or even a full day. We provide RFID tags specific to gold wax die molds, which helps them to find a specific item in seconds

RFID For Jewelry: Wax Tree Tracking using RFID

Jewelry wax tree investment tracking made simple using Hexatrack RFID System. No more misplaced wax trees. Save money, time and resources using one unique solution. RFID for Jewellery is a state of the art solution which provides faster ROI and savings.

RFID Jewelry Inventory Software

Best Jewellery Software in India – The Best Jewelry Store Management Software  

RFID for jewelry plays important role in diamond and jewelry inventory management system across the globe. Daily stock control during the start of the day and end of the day is a routine practice in the jewelry retail store. There is a long time delay and manual processes involved which is hectic to the store management. We solved this problem by providing a daily stock cycle count inventory app to compare the expected count and actual count helps faster inventory control and easier process than before.Jewelry inventory software can be integrated with backend POS or accounting software which makes jewelry shop management system a robust  one and yield many benefits to the jewelry shop.

How Does RFID works with Jewelry Inventory Control
Gold Jewelry and Diamond jewelers need to have a daily inventory and inventory cycle-count frequently. There is a huge time delay due to the manual process or barcode. RFID can help jewelers to have faster inventory scanning and compare the inventory data with the billing/inventory/ERP software and actual stock taking. This will help them a clear picture of their business on a daily basis. Hexahash provides a specially designed RFID handheld reader to achieve faster stocktaking and reporting. We provide hardware as well as software.
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Jewelry Loss Prevention using RFID Fixed Readers

By using UHF antennas fixed as sidewalls, overhead mounts, or doormat antennas, Hexahash offers a loss prevention solution to have a secured retail environment. They keep scanning the RFID-enabled tags passing through all of these, which prevents thefts. RFID for jewelry outsmarts the barcode inventory system.

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RFID for Jewelry Stores

RFID for jewellery requires RFID readers such as fixed readers or handheld mobile readers or smart tray readers. We provide RFID tracking system for jewelry with a combination of all these readers together
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RFID Jewelry Tags

RFID labels and tags are in various form factors for jewelry stores which can be used as per the use case. There is a onetime usable RFID tags as well as re-usable RFID tags available for inventory control and anti-theft purpose
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Jewelry Anti-Theft Gate

RFID for jewelry industry requires a walk-through anti-theft gate which is important for every jewelry retail stores. We provide EAS and RFID combined walk-through RFID gate with visual alarm and buzzer sound.
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RFID Software for Jewelry

Hexahash provides android mobile app and web application based RFID software for the jewelry inventory management as well as stores security management with on-premises as well as cloud based SaaS model