What is RFID AIDC?

The automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) techniques involve identifying objects automatically, observing data about them, and entering data input directly into computer systems without human involvement. AIDC technologies typically included are barcodes, QR Codes, OCR, magnetic stripes, smart cards, and RFID systems.

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What is RFID?

The Radio-Frequency Identification technology consists of using radio waves to read and capture data stored in tags attached to objects. A tag can be read from several feet away, allowing it to be tracked without being within a direct line of sight. The RFID process relies on a microchip, a powered antenna, and a scanner. RFID data is carried out using a microchip in the form of an RFID label which stored data on it. RFID reader reads data and transfers the data to a computer.

How Does RFID Work?

Radio frequency identification utilizes electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling for identifying objects, animals, or people. UHF RFID works by transmitting a radio frequency signal to the reader via an RFID inlay or RFID chip-enabled RFID label that is attached to the item. When the tag is triggered by the radio frequency (backscattering modulation), the tag transmits data as modulated data to the reader.As soon as the data is decoded, the reader sends it to the host computer

What is EPC Gen II Protocol in UHF RFID?

The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is a unique code used to identify a specific physical object. The identity is intended to be unique in the world, across all categories of physical objects. EPC’s are encoded on RFID tags which can be used to track almost anything.

The EPC global EPC Gen II protocol is at the heart of the EPC suite of standards for communication between readers and tags. With its feature set almost unimaginable even a few years ago, the EPC Gen 2 protocol offers a number of benefits previously unimaginable in a lower-cost tag.

As a first benefit, EPC Gen II tags permit fast read rates because of their anti-collision algorithm and their ability to put tags to sleep. A second feature of the EPC Gen II command set allows tag populations to be sub-selected more precisely. The third advantage of EPC Gen II is that you can write to tags, kill them, and lock them. Finally, The EPC GenII offers advanced features to address and effectively resolve one of the biggest problems in dense RFID today.

What are the applications of RFID?

The applications of RFID outside the supply chain are clearly too vast to cover in a brief overview. An RFID system can be useful for tracking the movement of assets or people if it is implemented ethically and appropriately. Simply say, we can track anything using UHF passive RFID systems from personnel tracking, asset tracking, tool tracking, equipment tracking, work-in-process tracking, agricultural produce tracking to anything required to track for the growth of the business process improvement.

RFID Applications

UHF Passive RFID is a primary product among all RFID solutions

RFID based Tool Tracking System

The Next Generation Tool Tracking RFID system allows a complete overview of tool movement within aviation hangars, manufacturing shop floors, and other location of the industries.

RFID in Manufacturing

An RFID solution for manufacturing can help track raw materials and sub-components during manufacturing, as well as the status of work-in-process across various assembly stages

RFID Asset Tracking System

RFID asset tracking solution provides total control over assets and will let you know the where and when of equipment. It increases asset utilization and improves business processes.

RFID Jewelry Tracking System

RFID solution helps diamond and gold ornament manufacturers and retailers to have an efficient anti-theft system with accurate inventory control for daily stock counting processes

RFID Weigh-bridge Automation

RFID based weigh-bridge automation helps mining industries to track exact vehicles trip count during loading and unloading of materials and find accurate weight of the trucks at all time

RFID Personnel Tracking System

RFID employee tracking system provides complete visibility into employee movements throughout the manufacturing plant or office with precise location & attendance information

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