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Contact less Access Control System

HexaRFID Hands-free Access Control System specially designed for more sterile environment not only for health care industry but also for every facility. A smart and convenient access without requiring employees to present their badges. Our Access control system detect authorized employees 1 to 2 meter away and opens the door. Unauthorized entries will be alerted by buzzer or red LED on the device.

UHF Reader for Hands-free Access

HexaRFID is a mini UHF reader for hands-free door access. Its a UHF Passive RFID based technology (± 865- 900 MHz), employees can be identified up to 2 meters (6,5 feet). HexaRFID complies with the ISO18000-6C and EPC global Gen 2 directive.

A Hygienic Access Control

Each authorized employee issued with a UHF passive RFID ID Badge or wristband to access secured zones. UHF RFID offers an access permission without presenting their badge to a reader.

An IoT enabled Smart Work Space 

The discomfort of most conventional access control systems is that you have to present the badge to a reader or if biometric then it needs to be present the finger on the device. But UHF RFID reader surpasses all the discomforts and ensures safety, security and hygiene in the work environment.

HexaRFID hands-free access control system is an advanced solution allows employees to gain access to secured zones throughout your building or facility without presenting a badge to a reader and can walk freely without any time delay. No more tailgate issues as system tracks everyone passes through the access point.

Access Control Products

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Single Door Controller

We offer single door controller

2 Doors Controller

This controller allows to control 2 doors

4 Doors Controller

This controller allows to control 4 doors

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