RFID is growing in popularity in industry segments like retail markets, supply chain and
manufacturing industry owing to its benefits over the barcode technology for tracking and
detecting goods and products. REID technology has provided the improved utility that has
challenged the industry norm of the barcodes. Enhanced transparency with greater
accountability is revamping the whole business process with the speedy identification
of things without line of sight limitation.

Hexahash, headquartered in Bangalore, is leveraging RFID and IoT technologies across industrial
sectors like construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, and maintenance to streamline and
optimize business processes. To address the unique requirements of each industry sector, Hexahash
has developed IoT and RFID based end-in-end solutions like employee tracking, IT asset
management, tool tracking and jewellery tracking, making the organization processes more efficient
and automated.

Vantage Point
Owing to its 20 plus years of experience in ERP domain and stronghold in IoT, MES, data analysis, AI
and augmented reality, the company is utilizing the vantage- plan to successfully deliver innovative
and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

The company patented technology UHF passive REID helps organizations effectively track, monitor
and manage workforce and assets in real-time. Explaining the principle mechanism behind the
solution, Mohan Kumar, CEO of the company says, `Our solution consists of a unique integrated RTLS
system which includes passive HF, passive UHF, NFC and BLE enabled multi tag which gives real time
precise location information of the personnel. Visitor tracking system works on the same principle
and can either be brought with employee tracking system or separately as per requirements." For
jewelry and diamond manufacturers, HexaHash provides unique RFID tags to be used with Riace-
Wax machinery; the tags are injected in the wax moulds and can be traced using handheld or fixed
readers. The solution provides additional benefits of input mould pressure and temperature
information to improve productivity and performance.

Other key industries are auto-mobile and manufacturing, which requires non-stop accessibility of
machinery at the workstation. Passive UHF RFID tags help track and locate tool containers on the
production floor without any hindrance. RFID RTLS not only provides information on the real-time
location of the tools, but it gives complete location history. This cutting edge feature helps avoid
hoarding, misuse, misplace, or theft of a tool. The system also generates warning about orphaned
tools bringing in more accountability and better management on part of employees or

The laundry processing unit enabled with REID helps in controlling, tracking and monitoring the
laundry business. For one of the company’s client in Middle East, the RFID based laundry
management system controlled over soiled garment; runs it though complete laundry process and
dispatches, pressed and packed garments back to the client’s location. The company also deploys
RFID RTLS technology for workforce optimization and employee tracking; RFID RTLS systems can also
be integrated with ERP, SAP along with HR and Payroll applications.

Geographic Expansion and Research-based Innovation

The company provides customized and specific solutions as per the client’s needs with technical and
support centres spread across major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kolkata,
Coimbatore and Ahmedabad.

Hexahash prides itself on deploying its RFID IT inventory solution for a subsidiary of one of the
world’s largest American multinational computer technology company. India’s leading construction,
engineering and manufacturing MNC are also using Hexahash’s system along with the defence

HexaHash is reliant on its research and development division Hexa Innovation Labs to stay ahead in
the competition, delivering cutting edge and innovative solutions. With its commitment to customer
satisfaction, the company is exploring user experience design and discover new possibilities of
leveraging REID and IoT technologies.