Thank you for using HexaHash solutions. HexaHash recognizes that for success of our customers, support is crucial and we are dedicated to helping you succeed and get the most value out of your HexaHash’s solutions. This guide will try to provide useful information about our support resources and instructions for requesting help.


Self-Help Resources

HexaHash’s customers can get technical documentation and downloads of the software on our partner’s website, IMPINJ portal. HexaHash’s customers can get sample code, troubleshooting guides, educational videos, and support articles, and many more. To access all these resources, please visit If your do not find any solution you initiate a request for help.

Requesting Support

HexaHash’s Customer Support Engineers (CSEs) are available between 9:30–6:30pm IST.

We currently do not offer phone support for customers, however once you have established connection through mail, Customer support Engineer is able to coordinate to you with call thereafter. Customers can expect a response after 2-4 days after submitting their request. The time to resolve the issue or problem depends upon the complexity of technical or operational issue.

To initiate support email your issue at: