RFID Supply Chain Management


Gain Greater Visibility of  Your Inventory

Epicor SCM provides the tools needed to manage every aspect of inventory control from the moment your materials are received through to the time your products are shipped. Epicor SCM tracks parts stored in multiple plants, warehouses and bins and supports lot, serial and dimension tracking. Epicor SCM’s flexible inventory costing allows you to maintain the average, last and standard costs of each part and track the material, material burden, subcontracting, labor, and burden costs separately.

Epicor SCM Handheld offers real-time data collection for receiving, inventory processing, labor, and shipping transactions providing you an accurate, real-time account of your inventory and increases your productivity on the floor by eliminating data entry as a second step. The queue-driven events within Epicor SCM Handheld direct users to complete the next available task without the need for paper print-outs or management supervision.

Powerful inventory reporting provides material and purchasing managers the tools to analyze and compare part requirements versus available quantities within user-definable time periods. View parts, purchase orders, sales orders, quotes, and jobs in a single, real-time screen.

Optimize Your Order  Fulfillment Process

Epicor SCM’s order fulfillment process was designed specifically for organizations needing a flexible and powerful shipping solution. Whether you are dealing with large orders comprised of pallets of products that need to be mass shipped or small orders shipped via domestic carriers, Epicor SCM gives you the flexibility to address the requirements that face your shipping department on a daily basis.

The Fulfillment Workbench provides a single interface for reserving inventory for shipments, printing pick tickets, submitting picks to the queue for handheld processing, and auto pick capabilities. The criteria selection allows you to quickly choose the order releases you want to fulfill, allowing you to more efficiently dispatch the paper or paperless pick tasks to the distribution floor.

Epicor SCM’s sales kitting functionality allows you to handle products that are assembled during the shipping process. When a kit item is entered on a sales order, the component items are automatically populated from the product’s bill of material. The flexible kitting functionality allows the user to change components when necessary, and allows for manual entry of pricing or automatic roll-up.


Increase Profit and Maximize Sales and  Service Opportunities

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) controls all aspects of a company’s interaction with its customers and prospects, from generating the lead to developing the opportunity, taking the order, producing and shipping the goods, receiving the cash and ongoing support. Throughout this process, the customer can be closely involved within the entire supply chain via the Web-based customerConnect module and built-in Workflow capabilities allow you to monitor every step in the cycle.

Having the ability to support your products once they have been shipped to the customer is an essential part of business. the Epicor’s Helpdesk module provides a customer focused solution for personalized, high-quality service. Helpdesk includes the Case Workbench where customer calls can be used to generate quotes, return material authorizations, orders or field service jobs. Using Helpdesk helps you reduce the cost of offering quality service, while maximizing the revenue potential of your field service employees.

Improve Your Purchasing Process

Purchase Management

Epicor SCM Purchase Management can help you improve your on-time deliveries, enhance your cash flow and increase your  profit levels. With online time-phased material requirements reporting and automated purchase suggestions, your purchasing team will have the information necessary to order the right materials at the right time. The Buyers Workbench allows for the management of all purchase related transactions including requests for quotation, purchase orders, order expediting, and supplier account management.

Supplier Relationship Management

In order to manage demand effectively, without having out-ofcontrol inventory levels, you need a facility to efficiently interact with your suppliers, many of which may spread across the globe. Epicor Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) with the Quote

Management, Job Management, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, and supplierConnect modules addresses these needs. Within SRM you can create and manage your Requests for Quotations (RFQs) effectively. Filter and sort RFQ criteria based on your specific needs to find the best match for the needed materials. The supplierConnect module allows you to collaborate with your suppliers electronically, giving them the ability to review inventory levels, check payments, and process open POs and RFQs online. With supplierConnect, you are providing a gateway for your suppliers to important Epicor SCM information, freeing up your procurement staff.

Epicor SCM’s flexible receiving capabilities allow you to either confirm each material received for better inventory control, or use the mass receipt functionality to quickly create the receipt lines for all lines and releases of a purchase order. Individual lines can be received across multiple locations in support of centralized buying. Items can be received into inventory or directly to the floor. Subcontract shipments and receipts can be tracked online, with graphical, point-and-click entry.

With global suppliers the need to track container shipments ordered across multiple purchase orders that are in transit for long periods of time is key. Epicor SCM inbound container tracking enables you to successfully track your inbound shipments at each intermediary destinations with automatic updates to line item dates and statuses within the originating purchase orders.

Track Inventory Throughout the Process

For the distributor that produces or assembles their items, Epicor SCM goes beyond traditional assembly and kitting functionality by offering a comprehensive production control solution. Designed to simultaneously handle make-to-stock, configure-to-order, make-toorder and engineered-to-order processing, the Job Manager gives you the flexibility to review and update production plans as demand changes. The Planning Workbench provides you with access to all related job information in a single view, where you can track your costs associated to production, and compare estimated versus  actual costing.

Extending to the shop floor and in concert with the SCM Handheld, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows inventory movements and labor entries to be entered on the shop floor, giving management a real-time view of item production and inventory.

Epicor for Supply Chain Management

Since MES is integrated with Job Management and Scheduling, you eliminate dual entry of data. The automated work queues provide employees with prioritized work schedules, eliminating the need for print-outs or instructions from management.

Epicor SCM Advanced Material Management provides a task based view of all work to be performed from inventory movements to replenish, order reservation picks or basic receipt processing, all electronically automated. Transact on mobile data collection devices or stationary terminals reducing data entry errors and speeding up the process via barcode scanning. AMM also allows you to setup pick faces with replenishment levels that will automatically initiate inventory moves for fulfillment processing.

Transform Your Data Into Knowledge  With Business Intelligence

Epicor Business Intelligence (BI) emphasizes the active use of the right information, at the right time, for the right person, to proactively guide and adjust the course of the business, rather than passively measure its progress. BI can transform your data into actionable information. With the BI solution, you can quickly access and analyze your company’s data, disseminate critical information in easy to read formats, and review data analysis from several perspectives (e.g., fulfillment, production, financial, internal or external).

Robust Technology Framework

Epicor is uniquely positioned with a complete suite of applications— built on service-oriented architecture and using Web service technology—to protect your investment in information technology well into the future.

Why are Web services so important to distributors? Outside of all of the reasons organizations look to Web services; for lower cost integration, deployment, speed, stability, reusability, and more; for midsize distributors or manufacturers who purchase or supply, the incentive is the ability to connect and collaborate more effectively within their supply chain. Rather than just a business reality, technology enabled supply-chain collaboration is fast becoming a business necessity.

Epicor SCM is uniquely positioned for optimal collaboration because it is built using this very technology today. With all business logic exposed as easily accessible Web services, sophisticated tools such as Epicor Service Connect and Epicor Portal are able to harness this service-oriented architectural approach to deliver greater business flexibility, transparency, and far-reaching supply-chain visibility.

Epicor has over 40 years of experience delivering industry focused, world-class solutions, and ongoing customer care and service to over 20,000 customer installations. It is a true global solutions partner with support offices all over the world. The key vehicle that transforms Epicor Supply Chain Management into a successful business solution is its Signature Implementation methodology. Signature allows Epicor to provide consistent, client-focused implementations that deliver added value because it provides a controlled environment. It is a highly structured, proven implementation methodology that successfully guides you and your company through a six step process, from an in-depth analysis of your business requirements all the way to the hand over, enabling your company to quickly begin using Epicor Supply Chain Management in day-to-day operations. Signature and Epicor SCM save your company time and money by providing broad functionality at a lower total cost of ownership.