SQL Server DBA Services

Fully Managed Remote DBA Services for Your Critical SQL Server Environment

SQL DBA Services

Among our SQL Server solutions, SQL Server DBA support is designed to provide a superior level of support for all aspects of databases. From daily operations to strategic decision-making, our DBA services give your organization the knowledge, skills, and best practices it needs to succeed.A natural extension to your in-house server infrastructure team, we are focused on providing reliable and affordable support for SQL servers.

SQL Server REMOTE DBA Support

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Remote DBA Services 

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What We Can Help You With

Azure Cosmos DB Consulting

SQL Server Disaster Recovery Services

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SQL Server Performance Tuning


SQL Server Remote DBA Services

SQL Server Integration & Data Warehouse Services

SQL Server High Availability

Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance Service

Get Better Performance for Your SQL Servers

Our DBA support for SQL Server ensures that your critical systems and applications continue to run optimally by catching any potential issues before they affect your business. Unexpected outages are addressed quickly to restore operations as soon as possible..


  • Prevent expensive SQL Server outages by minimizing risk and impact.
  • Ensure you have access to DBA specialists for support needs 24/7
  • Utilize our years of experience in enterprise SQL Server infrastructure management in the design and implementation of your next SQL Server solution!


Hexahash provides management of SQL server databases and Cosmos DB through multiple product lifecycle environments, from development to mission-critical production systems. Our team of certified experts with years 25+ years of experience will support your organization remotely to make your life easier with Cosmos DB from installation, management, integration and migration.


 Reliable Remote DBA Services

SQL Server database administrators and consultants have years of experience implementing SQL Server across a wide array of industries. We can provide specialist SQL Server monitoring and incident response services for a fraction of the cost of full-time in-house staff. Regardless of where your data resides or what your needs are, we are your data doctors, freeing you up to focus on your business..