Workplace Safety Devices for Social Distancing and Contact Tracing


UHF RFID tag with GPS allows organizations to monitor their employees indoor and outdoor. RFID Tag provides workforce monitoring inside the workplace and GPS alerts when they approach a red zone areas in outdoor

Social Distancing
RFID System monitors employees when workers are in close interaction in the workplace with others. Workers are allowed to enter the premises after a temperature checks on their forehead using a thermal imaging camera. Hence safety ensured
Contact Tracing
RFID Reader collects worker close interaction details with duration, location information, distances between the other workers, proximity information throughout the workplace. This allows an organization to have a complete contact tracing report
Outdoor Monitoring
An organization can ensure their employees are safe even in outdoor.GPS with NB-it tracks their movement and alert them when they approach red zones. Vibration mode as well as automated SMS alert them when they approach covered-19 red zones-ensuring employee safety

BLE Beacon

Employees who use a small wireless device that automatically monitors and send a vibration alert when they have close interaction with others. This ensures the organization having always-on monitoring of its workforce

Vibration Alert
Employees who wear BLE wristband tag vibrate when they approach other team members if they are below 2-meter distance, which ensures awareness at all times when they perform their tasks within the workplace. Management will receive daily reports.
Contact Tracing Dashboard
An organization can quickly locate and identify other team members if they exposed to any symptomatic employee of their organization. As our solution has indoor as well as outdoor monitoring features and complete data in-hand, the dashboard will reveal all information faster.
Wide Range of Use Cases
Wearables from Hexahash are available in many form-factors for different workforce requirements and different industries. Our solution is designed to combat the challenges that all essential workforces and businesses eager to return to normal operations.

Products for Workplace Safety during Covid-19 Pandemic

Employee & Visitor Movement Tracking

Contact Tracing

HexaRTLS provides a complete history of contact tracking of employees, visitors and contracts labors movement within the workplace with real-time data as well as past history of the data for effective quarantine process of the suspected individual. 

Thermal Imaging Camera

Fever Detection System

The IR spot sensors operate on a one-to-one basis. This setup scans one person at a time. It would point at the forehead of a person to be screened. By deploying multiple IR spot sensors next to each other, up to 8 people can be checked in parallel. This data can be integrated with the HRMS/Payroll application for daily attendance as well.

Fever Detection Enabled RTLS 

AI-Powered thermal imaging solution offers multiple people scanning with facial recognition. We provide thermal camera-based walk-through gates, which detects faces with masks. It will display the skin temperature of each person and stored the data in the cloud server. HexaRTLS integrated with thermal imaging camera offers continuous monitoring of the workforce with fever detection.

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