RFID WIP Tracking System

Work-in-Process Tracking Using RFID  


RFID Based

Work-in-Progress Tracking System for Manufacturing Companies

RFID work-in-progress tracking system streamlines production process improvement in  the shop-floor assembly area of the manufacturing industries

Discreet Manufacturing

Companies can achieve cost reductions and save a large amount of working capital by RFID based WIP tracking system


Industrial Manufacturing

Greater production visibility achievable by using RFID RTLS based WIP tracking system for the shopfloor manager and production unit


RFID System with RTLS for WIP

HexaRTLS provides a comprehensive suite of RFID products and software solution to manage work-in-progress more efficiently 


How Do You Know You Need an Optimized WIP Tracking System?

WIP or Work-in-Progress or Work-in-Process system helps companies to minimize job costs and use of production resources more effectively. An optimized WIP tracking is more efficient than normal WIP. Hexahash provides end to end RFID hardware and software solution for optimized WIP.

More clutter in the production area.This can also result in increasing the piling up of 'Defective Products'

Increased inventories in spares and components and team is spending more time on it to identify and isolate

High WIP cost and increasing buffer budget for spares and components and assembled materials

WIP with HF RFID System

Automated assembly lines are the need of the manufacturing plants. Hexahash provides HF RFID (13.56 MHz) based WIP system in an assembly line to track production control


Automated Contactless assembly line tracking is an essential requirement for some manufacturing units. We provide complete UHF RFID based WIP tracking for the production shop floors

WIP with RFID & IoT

Advanced assembly lines contain cutting-edge IoT products such as vision analytic, sensor-based network, controlled condition monitoring in the WIP tracking system

WIP in Discreet, Industrial Manufacturing & Construction, You Name It, We’ll Be there.

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