RFID Visitor Tracking System

RFID visitor management system tracks visitors’ movements precisely during their visit to any organization. Geo-fencing and contactless access control allows the more secured and infection-free visitor management system

Precise Visitor Count

Visitor Count at any location is in your fingertip now

Real-Time Locating

Real-Time Locating Information of everyone is important for premises management

Always-On Monitoring

Monitor from a secured environment with allowed user permission rights

Easy Integration with Security System

Easy integration with existing security personnel software system using APIs

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Pre-defined alerts, notifications of visitor movement and whereabouts for safety and security

CCTV & Image Analysis Integration

Video Tracking using CCTV Footages and RFID Integration

One Platform – Many Technologies : For Effective Visitor Tracking

HexaTrack is the only solution offers efficient use of multiple technologies integrated into a single system — thanks to peers and partners

Integrated Platform for Employee & Visitor Tracking Together

Customers can avail employee tracking separately or along with visitor tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than one technology for tracking requirements
Yes, HexaTrack is a unified platform for all tracking technologies. We have a proprietary software platform which can communicate with other tracking technologies using API. Hence you will be required ONE system to track and trace anything, anytime
Could you provide free site audit and PoC for our tracking requirements?
Yes, We prefer to have a complete business requirement details along with floor plan. If not available, our location intelligence consultants will visit your site for inspection and feasibility of suitable technology to track people or assets or objects. Every tracking requirements such as asset tracking, tool tracking or employee attendance tracking or visitor tracking requires detailed requirement gathering.
Which is the most inexpensive solution?
UHF Passive RFID solution is a most inexpensive solution compared to other tracking techniques. As UHF RFID Tags doesn’t required battery power and its longer self-life saves money. Also UHF RFID hardware devices cost is much cheaper than other devices. Hexahash provides passive UHF RFID system for employee tracking also can be used for visitor tracking
Is there a Wireless UHF passive RFID Solution?
Yes. Products such as xSpan and xArray from Impinj are wireless products and can scan tags between 1000 square feet to 1500 square feet. It doesn’t requires additional antenna and a sleek design most suitable for any interior of the business premises.
Could you support overseas clients?
Yes. We have clients across globe and we provide complete RFID and IoT Consulting, solution design and custom implementation according to customer needs. Each business is unique – hence we provide custom RFID/IoT solution for every business.

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