RFID Visitor Management System – Go Contactless

RFID visitor management system ensures contactless entry of visitors and employees across your premises for safety and control. You can track, monitor, and manage every person moving through your building using the RFID RTLS system. This solution keeps your visitors, employees, and premises safer and well secured.

RFID Tracking System

RFID based Visitor Tracking Features

Contactless Check-in

Touchless Visitor Meetings

RFID and BLE based employee and guests check-in reduces the risk of infections. No More manual registers for visitor entry. The reception staff knows in advance about the guest.

Monitor Visitors in Real-Time

Geo-fencing stops wandering

An RFID system helps an organization to assign specific buildings or areas within the premises for the guests. RTLS system monitors dwelling hours as well as visits to non-allocated areas and send alerts

Complete Monitoring System

Live Monitoring

RFID tracks visitors’ movement from entering the car parking and moves between the building till back to the car parking. A fully comprehensive solution for visitor management


Visitor Management Features


Covid-19 Safety

Enables 100% contactless entry of visitors

Ease of Use

Employee portal allows employees to raise meeting requests themselves


Monitor escort/company employee travel along with visitor or not through the movement of visitor in the premises

Premises Safety

Visitor Image processing with RFID Integration

Location Intelligence

Create geo-fencing for visitors & Allocate visitors to visit a certain location only . Employee Tracking and Visitor tracking combined


Monitor dwelling hours of employees and visitors during the meetings in each location