HexaTrack Tool Tracking System

rfid tool tracking

Better track, identify and manage the tool movement with RFID technology

Whether you are an aerospace organization, managing the stock room for a manufacturing or construction industry or service industry involved in tool and inventory management, you will aware the importance of visibility, efficiency, availability and accuracy in these important business process. Any problem in the tool management or inventory control can leads to serious impacts.

HexaTrack RFID based RTLS solution can help you streamline your processes and optimize your business. It reduces your worry about the costly waste of time or money arising from lack of control, employee hoarding, stock outs, lost tools, FOD or theft of equipment and inventory.

For companies geared to Manufacturing, Servicing, Maintenance, Repair or Overhaul, operating in either Aerospace, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Construction, infrastructure or any other industry sector which relies on accurate, efficient tool management and inventory control, HexaHash has the advanced technology you’re looking for.


RFID Tool Tracking

Track tool movements from issue through return. A Complete automated records of tools who checked out, where it locating now, where it was earlier and which jobs it worked/working are great time savers in sites


FOD Control

Reducing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) risk is essential for aerospace and government contract industries. HexaTrack provides FOD control feature to track and manage manufacturer’s indirect materials


Tool calibration in maintenance module helps customers follow calibration schedules for gauges, sensors, detectors and other measurement equipment on time to improve productivity and reduces downtime.

Tool Room Management

RFID enabled tool room management ensures your facility’s productivity by efficiently equiping workers with the tools they need and keeps automated records of each transactions and location movements.

hexatrack app

The only tool tracking system you’ll ever need

Cloud Application for consumable MRO and indirect items. Track issuance, usage per employee or department, automatic or manually initiated replenishment ordering from multiple suppliers, run reports, print barcode  labels and manage one or more cribs, stores, and POU areas from a web browser anywhere using web  pages or with specific features through smartphones and mobile barcode scanners, mobile RFID readers and handheld RFID readers


Tool Crib Software

Flaws or inaccuracies in your tool crib management system can seriously hurt your organization’s bottom line. HexaTrack Tool Tracking system offers the cutting-edge feature which avoid employee hoarding, misuse, misplace or theft of a tool, thanks to RFID RTLS which provides you a real-time location information of the tool along with last used location,employee information and complete tool location history.  Employee mapped with a tool during check out from tool crib. If tool has been separated from employee, it will be verified with checked in details of tool crib. if not there for specific time, warning would be sent to Manager about the orphaned tool.

Visual Tool Control

If an outdated, non-automated tool tracking is in place, chances are your daily operations would be severely hampered and costing valuable time, effort and money. HexaTrack RFID keeps track of virtually all your company’s tools and other important assets which are tracked real-time with visual location details. You can reduce losses by holding employee or subcontractor accountable for the tools and equipment they use. Everything is tracked real-time using our integrated system and there will not be a chance for missing a tool. You can locate any tool and loaned employee information and have complete when, what and where reports.

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