RFID tire tracking system

HexaTrack tire tracking system consists of  pressure probe and tire tread together handheld RFID readers, and RFID tire tag to deliver the most  advanced tire tracking system.

The system runs on wireless technologies like  BLE , RFiD and WiFi connection. which doesn’t require paper maintenance. This system enables the fleet owners to track and manage their fleet tires easily.







How it works

Step I. A HexaTrack RFID is fixed to each vehicle.


StepII. The tag is then assigned to that vehicle in the database using the hand-held device along with full vehicle details.

Step III. Similarly a RFID tire tag is fixed to each new tire that is issued to any vehicle  of the registered companies. The data of each tire is also registered in the database using the handheld scanner.

Step IV. Now the system identifies the tires that are being read, and and identifies any tires assigned to it are missing. It also identifies if the tags of another tires belonging to  different vehicles are found on vehicle currently on platform.

RFID in undercarriage system

A specially designed rugged RFID reader with long range RFID antenna fixed in the undercarriage of the vehicle which keep tracks tires. Data sent to the cloud server in specific intervals for further analysis and reporting


  • Accurate vehicle and tire identification.
  • Easy tracking of tires that have been issued to any particular vehicle.
  • Easy spotting of unregistered replacement tare and the vehicle from which the new registered tire is missing.
  • Prevention of theft of costly heavy-duty tires.
  • Facilitates systematic replacement of tires as per their lifespan.
  • Accurate judgement of tire turnover and improved stock-keeping.
  • Quick automated verification through RFID is labor-saving and free of bias.
  • Improved efficiency due to prevention of re-usage of unreliable old tires.