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HexaRTLS tracks all your Manufacturing challenges, including Work-in-Progress to the finished goods, using RFID and RTLS. HexaRTLS delivers value and control for product lifetime traceability, material management and replenishment, asset tracking, warehousing, and yard management processes.



From managing an auto service shop all the way to the auto manufacturing facility, HexaRTLS offers twelve solutions for the automotive industry. These solutions utilize the latest RFID and IoT technologies, and are designed to bring you unprecedented efficiency and real-time tracking capabilities.

Personnel Tracking

RFID Employee Tracking System offers complete visibility of employee movements in an industry,plant/office. It provides automatic logging at entry/exit gates, tracking of employees at various location and logging of their availability in each location with extensive business intelligence analysis

Asset Tracking

A proven asset tracking solution provides complete control over assets. You will have what and where status of your equipments in real-time. Our system increases asset utilization and improves business processes. By Integrating with ERP application, it provides complete accountability and accuracy in asset management

Tool Tracking

Next Generation Tool Tracking RFID solution bring complete control over tools movement within manufacturing plants, warehouses and stores. Equipped with passive UHF RFID tags, your tools are identified, inventoried and located in real time. HexaTrack suitable to every industrial applications.


Healthcare facilities to know where its patients, staff and equipment are at any particular moment, allowing them to quickly be located even in the largest hospitals or campuses. Hexa RTLS system allows you to locate patients, staff,equipment and track patient movement and establish geo-fencing


HexaRTLS significantly simplifies logistics and warehousing operations by efficiently tracking parts and finished goods from the factory, through the warehouse, and to the customer, while seamlessly interfacing with inventory, warehouse management, asset tracking and integrate with ERP applications

Jewelry Tracking

HexaHash revolutionize inventory management and traceability in the diamond & jewellery industry, to help you manage your business with total confidence and complete control. We provide RFID RTLS Solutions for Automated Inventory control & real-time visibility management for retail industries

RFID Solutions

Hexahash is a leading RFID solutions provider having expertise in offering wide range of customized solutions for every industry. Our core expertise in RFID solutions being improved by more and more different requirements of our clients across the world. As one of the leading technology solution provider in India with host of many industry parnters and resellers across the globe, hexahash successfully completed numerous RFID projects for various industries. Hexahash innovates RTLS system using UHF passive RFID which is very cost effective and accurate in getting location intelligence of person or assets. Hexahash’s innovation hub provides RFID solutions for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education and professional service industries globally. Our 20+ years of ERP and database technology experience enhances our RFID solution offering to companies in fullfil their exact needs. Hence we are getting trusted partnership with every organization due to our unmatched reliability and support services. Hexahash is the leading provider of real-time tracking of assets or persons giving you accurate information on the location, status, condition, history and almost anything required for the industry and its use case requirements. Our customers have achieved 10x to 100x improvements in productivity, operational efficiency, process methodology, saving labour time, resource and cost and reduced Capex spending. Hexahash is your one-stop shop for all your RFID solution needs from designing RFID system to delivering RFID reader, antenna and tags with exact strategic placements to meet the industry’s needs. We provides customed RFID solution designing, system architecture, software integration and deployment. We specializes in RFID based employee tracking, industrial asset tracking, IT asset tracking, work-in-progress and process tracking, stores/warehouse management and many other solutions. Contact our innovation centre to learn more about our products and solutions for your specific business needs.

RFID for Employee Tracking

HexaRTLS provides a very cost-effective, end-to-end passive UHF RFID solution for personnel tracking that leverages network communications, allowing organizations to enhance the safety, security and productivity of their workers. Hexatrack RFID based employee tracking provides complete traceability and visibility of onsite employees in a production shop floor or office premises with real-time locating information along with associated details such as employee id, division, in/out time of attendance, zone movement and all other information.

RFID for Asset Tracking

HexaTrack ITAM RFID Software provides complete IT asset management for enterprises. We automate IT asset management using UHF RFID provides real-time asset location information, it’s movement, check-in and check-out details of asset on day to day basis by employees. We provides not only asset movement but also employee movements within the premises. It would be a complex process to monitor all the software, hardware and components movement between various teams across premises, which is made easy now using UHF RFID

RFID for Jewelry

Hexahash designed a unique RFID tags to be used with RiaceWax machineries by jewelry industry. Our design team developed an innovative solution to keep the complete product manufacturing and design information into the wax mold which can be tracked easily using RFID handheld readers or fixed readers. Hexahash designed Jewellery manufacturing process kiosks and RFID jewelry tracking offers multitude of benefits to jewelry manufacturers as well as jewelry retail shops. Our anti-theft jewelry tracking is a proven solution for jewelry industry which no other vendor succeed in it.

RFID in Healthcare

RFID can be used to track and authenticate patients from newborn to elderly and everything in between. UHF, HF and LF passive RFID technologies are being used in patient tracking,bedside care, bed management as well as mother and newborn baby matching. our RTLS solution enables geo-fencing and tracks patient movement with real-time live data streaming to the server.RFID also helps to track surgical instruments, staff flow, controlling asset movement, medication management, stock and inventory control of pharmaceutical medicines

RFID Tracking

RFID helps in tracking of anything. Laptop tracking, jewelry tracking, library books tracking, vehicle tracking, tyre tracking, tool tracking, document tracking to track anything anytime anywhere. As all business are not same – hence RFID solutions too. We implemented RFID solutions and systems for same industries with different approaches. There is no single business methodology to implement for problem solving of industries. We experts in custom solution designing, system architecture, RFID software development and implementation for enterprises across globe.

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