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The Complete RFID solutions for every industry sector offer RFID tags, antennas, tags, labels as well as complete RFID software solutions to meet the industry standards. A global RFID company with roots in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India.

Enterprise RFID Solutions

Hexahash providing cutting-edge RFID solutions from HF, LF, NFC, UHF passive RFID, active RFID, and BLE-based solutions for large enterprises and corporate offices in Bangalore. We customize and manufacture RFID products as per the customer requirements

As Bangalore is a silicon valley of India having almost all the large multi-national IT companies, we were able to provide consulting, developing, and implementing enterprise RFID solutions in integration with their existing ERP and HRMS systems. You will learn interesting use cases implemented by us for the companies in and around Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Proven RFID Products

Hexahash is a gold partner of Impinj, ISV for Zebra, Channel partner for Keonn, Omni-ID, Xerafly, and many other leading RFID companies. We manufacture customized integrated RFID readers, RFID tags, RFID Labels, and RFID Antenna to suit customer needs. Our software solutions are used by large corporates and MNCs to manage their employees and/or assets and equipment.

it manager
“Appreciate Hexahash for providing us RFID based work in process system which was integrated with our existing ERP. We appreciate the Team-Hexa.”

IT Manager, SEZ Electronics Manufacturing Company

RFID Solutions Case Study 

RFID Employee Attendance System

RFID employee attendance tracking system was implemented for our client, a large apparel manufacturing company that has 1000s of employees working in shifts in many factory premises across Bangalore. As the number of employee count is high, there will be a queue that delays employee entry into the premises during shift entry, mealtime, and shift exit times as customers were using biometric attendance. This customer decided to implement the UHF passive RFID system of Hexahash in order to foster employee movement during the shift entry and exists as well as other times. Their employees were using RFID ID badges during each gate movement which were scanned by our RFID readers instantly and transfer the data to their HR and Payroll application.

RFID infrastructure provided for RFID employee attendance tracking system was used for visitor tracking and vehicle tracking as well hence the client was able to get faster ROI on their RFID investment. Its been years now, still our system working fine. HexaRFID data has been integrated with their HR and Payroll application which paves way for estimating the exact hours of each employee across many factories. There was a tremendous business improvement using the UHF RFID-based attendance tracking system.

RFID based Laptop Tracking System

Our client is a world leader in IT security and vulnerability detection systems and services. Their IT has distributed company-owned laptops for each employee as well as some costly testing instruments and components for their R&D employees. It was a huge task for this company to identify whether an employee brought the same laptop to the company, whether he brought back the company assets on time when needed it for another division or employee. They approached Hexahash in the year 2017 to solve the issue.

Hexahash implemented RFID based IT asset tracking system which tracks employee laptops as well as other IT assets during their entry and exit processes as well as movement between the premises of the company. We implemented Impinj R420 readers and Times 7 antenna for this use case. We attached on-metal RFID labels and tags for each laptop and IT asset. Our client uses our HexaRTLS IT asset tracking system as a standalone system to track and monitor IT assets across their organizations and their premises. This is one of our prestigious global clients in Bangalore.

More RFID Case Studies

These case study references are from our customer implementations in Bengaluru and other parts of the state.  Here is a list of solution offered to customer in the Chennai, Tamil Nadu region.

RFID Jewelry Tracking System

rfid jewelry tracking

Emergency Evacuation System

emergency evacuation

RFID Material Tracking System


RFID Warehouse Management

rfid warehouse management

RFID Weighbridge Management


RFID Formwork Tracking

construction personnel tracking

RFID Employee Tracking

rfid personnel tracking

UHF RFID Access Control 

rfid visitor tracking

RFID IT Asset Tracking

RFID asset management
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