Industry Specific Starter Kits

HexaTrack RFID Starter Kit


Impinj R420 UHF RFID Reader , Times 7 UHF Antenna, RF Cables and 100 Nos. of Metal and Non-Metal RFID Tags


HexaTrack Middleware Application HexaTrack RFID Cloud Suite includes employee/asset tracking with monthly user license

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DIY RFID Starter Kit

Your organization requires RFID system to track and manage employees, assets, equipments or tools?  You want to implement RFID solution for your organization and turn around time is too less? You need a quick support and startup of the project?  You are in the right place. Our RFID consultants will help you to select right starter kit to start immediate


Plug & Play - Easy to use DIY Approach

World's first use case based starter kit

Complete hardware, Software, License & User Manual included

Employee Attendance Kit

Automatic Attendance for your organization such as schools, offices and industries

Visitor Tracking Kit

Visitors are tracked automatically from security gate to office/factory – till return back  – manage your visitors

Employee Tracking Kit

You have a biometric attendance system but still unable to locate employees? Here is ETS – a proven solution for every industry

Jewellery Store Inventory Kit

Save time  and money in daily stock taking of your jewelry store . Our starter kit comes with handheld reader and  sample tags will ease your burden, quick ROI, faster inventory and happier employees and management

Asset Tracking Kit

A complete Asset life cycle management system with track and trace using RFID. We provide barcode, QR Code and RFID based asset tracking solution for enterprises.

What Is RFID Starter Kit?
Will it suitable for my business?

Hexahash is a custom RFID solution provider having  solid experience in every industry. We provide RFID startup kit as a plug and play & DIY (Do It Yourself) Demo Kit which can use it immediately upon unboxing the system. Just follow our user manual, register yourself  and obtain license for the software. you are ready to go  – your RFID system will work for you 24/7

What is included in the starter kit?

You will have a complete RFID hardware to run immediately. All you need is a basic networking knowledge, connecting hardware,  installing & configuring software – that’s it

What type of RFID hardware ?

We provide industry specific demo kit. An example: if you need a jewelry inventory RFID demo kit – then you will have handheld rfid reader, bunch of RFID tags. You will get fixed RFID readers if you are looking for employee attendance, employee tracking etc.

What are the brands you are supporting?

We are Impinj channel partner – hence we prefer to support Impinj products. Some special cases, if required for other OEMs, still we can do it.

How about hardware specifications?

We will provide you a custom RFID startup kit. An example. if you need 4 Port UHF RFID reader, or 2 Port or single port – yes – we can give you the same accordingly. Even we can customize the features of hardware according to your requirements such as: with GSM,GPRS and additional sensors

How about Software?

You will be required two types of the software – one is middleware engine and other one is actual RFID application. We provide web based application for this purpose. All you need to have is an internet connection and a software license. We provide monthly subscription based RFID software for your starter kit.

Online Coaching & Remote Support

24/7 Online Coach

You will have a dedicated RFID consultant to support your mission. you can get guidance by email, call or remote. our user manual have all the details but still we can help you

Remote Training

You don’t have skilled resource  to help you in configuring RFID system? We are there 24/7 for you. While place the order for kit, subscribe for remote training as well.

Custom Development & Support

You have a different requirement or additonal requirement. We can provide you a custom solution to meet your needs* (costs additional on per hour basis)

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