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RFID Software РHow Does it Work? 


HexaRFID is an RFID Software that contains an RFID middleware engine to interface with a compatible RFID reader for data collection and transfers to the other 3rd party software.

Why it is necessary to have an RFID software built by Hexahash?

Impinj has a UHF 4 port RFID Reader called Impinj R420. This reader required to connect up to 4 UHF antennas for data acquisition purposes. Impinj xSpan is an integrated reader, which has 13 antennas. It has many features such as identification of tags Entry and Exit, automatically creating zones such as right zone, left zone and central zone. This is not available in the R420 model. Impinj has another reader called Impinj array which has 53 antennas and It can give x, y coordinate to have real-time movement of the tags. This option is not available in the earlier version of the readers. Hence, one SDK will not meet your entire requirement. As a company you need to be well versed with the new changes in the RFID reader hardware, it’s parsing methodologies, changing parameters, and an algorithm to handle the new features of the RFID reader. This is the problem faced by many organizations around the…

HexaRFID can give you the flexibility to connect to any manufacturer’s RFID reader and configure data points and reader parameters to transfer data to the endpoint. A software endpoint can be a third party software, ERP or a database. You can transfer the data to your endpoint and start utilizing the data for your business use case.

Middleware – An Introduction

Middleware is a software that offers common services and capabilities to applications which is out of the provisions provided by the operating system. There are two levels for any device to communicate with other software. The first one is the OS, which is the first level software which provides management features of the device and its resources as we as controlling the device. The second level is the application designed to run on top of of the operating system. These applications expand the functions of the device offered by OEM using firmware or SDK. The middleware application sits between the operating system and device OS to enable the data collection process with the required business logic and algorithm. 

What is RFID Middleware Engine?

RFID middleware engine is a radio-frequency identification, management software which positioned between the RFID reader and the enterprise application or database. There are many RFID reader manufacturers and each of them has their own firmware, software development kit, or APIs. These SDK provides ways to program and configure the readers based on the device’s functionality and parameters. These manufacturers have different types of readers and upgrading or introducing RFID readers with new functionalities. HexaRFID software tracks these changes and updates the middleware engine. Hence, you will have a play & play RFID system. You can start using RFID data with your business applications

Basic Edition 

HexaRFID Software Basic Edition offers entry-level RFID tracking for business use cases such as RFID based employee attendance, material inventory tracking, and asset tracking. Customers opt for the basic edition can start using the software immediately without any hassles. We provide options to transfer the data directly to your application URL or database. Call us more more details

Professional Edition

This version of the software provides more sophisticated features to the client. Customers can use any number of readers in this version. Device management is part of this solution as a customer can manage all the readers and antenna from one application. This also included zones and sub-zone creation and allocation of reader and antenna for the same.

Enterprise Edition

This version of the RFID software allows an organization to have a customized algorithm as per the business use case requirement. Every business is not same. Hence, if a customer requires business logic implementation and behavior of RFID readers with a different perspective are the possibilities in this edition. We will work closely with customers in this version.

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