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RFID Readers


There is a wide range of RFID fixed readers, desktop readers, and hand-held RFID readers available with Hexahash

RFID Antenna


We supply a large range of RFID antennas such as near-field antennas, far-field antennas and linear to circular polarization antennas

RFID & NFC Labels

uhf rfid label

We supply a complete range of RFID labels and tags for every type and size. RFID inlays & paper labels, on-metal and non-metal hard tags.

RFID based Hand Hygiene Monitor

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System helps healthcare facilities to maintain a protocol and improve the hand-washing standard to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Healthcare facilities and its staff are at high risk due to the nature of their environment and work, hence maintaining proper hand-wash monitoring is important to protect from viruses.

Hexa Hand-Hygiene Compliance Tracking system installed with UHF passive RFID reader, which keeps monitoring hand-washing procedures of healthcare staff based rules defined in the rules engine. If healthcare personnel does not adhere to the compliance, the system will send an automated notification to the facility administration to take preventive measures.

BLE Based Hand Hygiene Tracking System

There are different types of hand hygiene compliances are, in practice among health facilities. While HF RFID or UHF RFID based compliance monitoring system required readers for the said technologies. Provided, BLE based hand hygiene monitoring system allows health care staff to use their smartphones for compliance. This allows organizations to have a seamless implementation of health monitoring for their staff.

Hexa hand hygiene system supports iBeacon as well as Eddystone formats. BLE WiFi Gateway facilitates monitoring of healthcare staff with geo-fencing, the number of times for handwashing, duration of each hand washing, and all other information sent to the central console to have a data analysis and reporting.

RFID Tracker with LED Display

RFID tracking made easy using LED display. Hexa LED display unit provides real-time movement of employees or materials in the facility.  Tracker provides complete IN and Out movement of assets or personnel in real-time 24/7. This device has built-in RFID Reader, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity. It can be used in remote locations as well for data transfer to cloud servers using a built-in GSM module.

Products with Special Use Cases

We continued developing innovative products for the benefit of industries with special use cases.

RFID WIP Tracker

Automated Work-in-Progress Tracker for production shopfloor


A Tag for wide use-cases like access, employee tracking & indoor tracking

White Label Product

We provide white-label service for our hardware products

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