Laundry RFID Solution

Hexahash offers a full-fledged industrial and commercial RFID laundry management solution that automates your laundry operations more efficiently. We provide a complete RFID hardware, software and implementation solutions for industrial, commercial and retail sectors. We have a wide range of customers in pharmaceutical, clean room technology, hospitality industry, chain of retail laundries across continents.


PPE Kit Tracking

In order to maintain worker safety as well as control contamination, work clothing must be cleaned and sanitised appropriately. Workwear has a limited lifetime and must be thrown away after its use is completed. Radio Frequency identification enabled laundry tag sewn with the reusable, autoclavable pharma PPE kit helps tracking the wash cycle count and calculate life time of each garment. This gives quick ROI and efficient use of PPE kit management.

BLE & RFID in Laundry Industry

RFID based laundry management offers automated data processing eliminates manual counts and inventory errors, increases revenue, improves productivity.  Hexahash provides re-usable, washable lien tracking system to use with HF, NFC, UHF Passive technologies as well as integrating video analytic solutions with fixed RFID readers as well as handheld RFID Readers. Automated laundry process tracking is more easier than ever with Hexahash Linen Tracking