Track Container Path

Define container’s travel path between assembly lines and trace it for productivity improvement


Automatic Check-in & Check-Out

Check-in/check-out in each process stage automatically

Always-On Monitoring

Real-Time Always-On Monitoring ensure component availability for each workstation

RFID based Kit Cart Container Tracking in Production Assembly Lines

Automobile and manufacturing industries require assured availability of components on-time on their workstation at specified frequency. Our passive UHF RFID based solution assures component availability for each workstation for assembling. Hexatrack helps you trace and track your kit cart containers path movement, path analysis, component availability and assured production improvement

Parts Availability located in real-time through Radio frequency Signals

Smart Manufacturing using our RFID Solutions

Salient Features of our RFID Solution Described Below!

“HexaTrack RFID converts each Kit Cart Containers/Pallets into an e-Containers. Precise count of components inside the containers is available at all time for every workstation in the production floor. Passive UHF RFID tags fixed in the each kit cart or container helps to track location of the container in real-time ”

Convert Containers to an e-Container

“RFID helps to identify where you parts and raw materials are and in which container or location. You can able to track the whereabout of any part required for an assembly line item. Your assemly lines will have a required parts just in time. Reduced defects, reduced material inventory leads to higher productivity”

Assured Availabillity of Components for Assembly Line

“RFID solution offers auto-replenishment of on-demand materials and tools. Production crew have real-time visibility and verification of material delivery, quantity, quality and supply status. We integrates RFID solution to your ERP, MES or WMS systems.Our RFID Manufacturing Suite available on-prime or cloud”

Smart Manufacturing using RFID

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HexaTrack Manufacturing Suite supports only passive UHF RFID?

Yes and No. Every industry and every business requirement is different. Hence our offering too will vary according to your requirement, environment and many other factors.

Which is Best, UHF Passive RFID or Active RFID?

Every business is unique as well as their requirements. We prefer passive UHF RFID technology because of its precise location tracking and low cost compared to any other technology available today. If client requirement and environment is not suitable for UHF then we suggest to go for Active RFID.

Please explain more about HexaTrack IoT Suite

HexaTrack is a unified platform for every tracking technologies available today in the market. It supports UHF passive RFID, Active RFID, BLE Beacons, NFC, GPS and Image Analysis. We provide employee tracking, tool tracking, Visitor Tracking and laundry tracking. We are solution provider and system integrator for various industries and sectors. Your Success is our passion.

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