RFID based IT Asset Management System


IT Asset Management System using RFID helps organization to monitor asset location, asset usage and movements across organization globally. Precise location tracking and movement monitoring with automatic data capturing is the power of HexaTrack ITAM

Real Time (T)Rack Information

HexaTrack is a RFID based IT asset management system that provides end-to-end IT asset audits to track and monitor your asset’s real-time location information, movement and employee access information to empower your ITAM. Automated data capturing eases your organization IT asset management and empower your IT.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Hexahash ITAM provides end-to-end asset lifecycle management from purchase to end of life of the product. Automated workflow and replenishment helps to add and track asset purchase processes, vendors, maintenance histories, and lifetime costs associated with each IT asset built with business intelligence and data analytic

Auto Check in/Out

HexaTrack RFID RTLS based software facilitates organizations to check assets in as well as out effortlessly without any key in data or minimal data which empowers asset managements to handle their job more enjoyably and accurately in real-time. RFID tracks every movement of the assets within the facility or between organization

Integrated Floor Map

Integrate your floor diagram with HexaTrack which offers rich location feature. You can link each asset not only to employee or department but also to physical location which enables organization to control and monitor movements of the assets, its idle time, usage history and maintenance information all with ease of floor map visibility

Barcode,RFID & BLE

Use any data capturing methodology in your ITAM such as barcode, HF, UHF, NFC RFID and BLE (bluetooth low enery devices) empowers organization to hold data in different tags as per organization’s requirement. Use external RFID system to scan 100s of assets in seconds. GPS helps to add precise location information with assets


Real-Time asset information in dashboard helps organization to analyze and take right decision making at right time. Location wise visual asset movement reveals what item or events are taking place on any given time using our dashboard window. Organization can recall or compare old asset data with current system information.

Label Designer for Barcode/RFID 

Your organization can create professional-grade labels of different sizes, styles and formats using the label designer. Hexahash provides customized label designing service or RFID printer on rental which facilitate organization to cut costs and integrate a single lable with barcode as well as RFID.

RFID IT Asset Tracking System Locates Assets in Real-Time

HexaTrack ITAM RFID Software provides complete IT asset management and IT asset life cycle management solution for enterprises. We automate IT asset management systems using ultra-high frequency RFID technology provides real-time asset location information, movements, checking in and out details of assets on day to day basis by employees. It provides not only asset movement but also employees movements within the premises. Hence organization will rest assured that an asset is in use by the specific employee only. It would be a complex process to monitor all the software, hardware, and components movement between various teams across premises, which is made easy now using RTLS.

HexaTrack ITAM offers simple, easy-to-use, automated inventory management capabilities that help enterprises to track and evaluate all their IT assets in use, repair, and stock. This makes organizations avoid loss and lack of information as well as plan for automated hardware replenishment.

IT asset management team can monitor, track and manage all your assets in a single view from anywhere, throughout all phases such as new asset, existing asset maintenance, and depreciation or disposal of the asset.

Real-time location intelligence helps organizations to have smart assets and employee tracking using passive UHF RFID technology. Hexahash has developed and implemented a patented UHF passive RFID-based assets and employee tracking system which helps organizations to track, monitor, and manage workforces and their assets more effectively than ever.

HexaRTLS provides a very cost-effective, end-to-end passive UHF RFID solution for assets and personnel tracking that leverages network communications, allowing organizations to enhance the safety, security, and productivity of their workers. HexaRTLS offers complete traceability and visibility of onsite personnel and assets with real-time locating information for safety and traceability.

HexaTrack offers IT asset management such as what assets you have in your premises, its location details, who is possessing the system, duration, next maintenance due date, maintenance history, and end of life information.

RFID Based IT asset tracking automates your asset’s life cycle from purchase to end of life of the product. Once an asset is procured and deployed, RFID tracks all maintenance activity and enables you to have automated audits making asset management an easy task.

Benefits of RFID based Asset Tracking:

Real-Time Location Information of Assets offers when it was seen last, who was possess the specific asset, how long it was in use which helps to make better decisions, which optimizes asset lifecycle investment to deliver better IT services to your organization.

Automated asset management helps you to make informed decisions by using a single system of action that provides tracking of assets as well as employees in the desired location using RFID infrastructure.

Integrated Help Desk, document management, and workflow modules assist to keep track of the complete inventory of an enterprise. An organization equipped with a HexaTrack RFID system eases the job of managing IT inventory by way of automating the process of asset discovery, tracking, and reporting.

Features of RFID Based IT Asset Management:

1. Real-Time Location Tracking integrated with Google Map – A visual overview of location-wise assets information across all premises and facilities.
2. Adding indoor floor mapping helps to view which assets are located in each floor, section, or desk and who uses it gives great value to your IT asset inventory
3. Automated Asset Tracking helps organizations to concentrate more on business while RFID takes care of asset information inputs into the system – Very less keying feature helps asset management staff to focus more time on other works.

4. Integrated add-on features such as RFID Employee Tracking, fixed asset management, and RFID tool tracking helps an organization to receive faster ROI and improved cost savings