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Use of RFID in the Automotive Industry  

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an advanced auto-identification system that allows companies to track their spare parts, components, and finished products in automotive manufacturing industries across the globe.

The automotive industry requires complete traceability of its components, people, trucks, in-plant logistics, and finished goods across every phase of the product lifecycle. Radio frequency identification tags are playing an important role in entire manufacturing production. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code is stored in the RFID tag and it read in each production assembly line. RFID software handles RFID tag reading and sends appropriate information or alerts to the respective operations. As every component attached to the specific VIN code, RFID software tracks the critical parts to be supplied to the assembly line. RFID takes care of mismatch of the items, missing items, wrong components, and many other parameters to have an effective error-free assembly line.

RFID system allows automotive manufacturing industries to have an optimized work in process, streamlined product availability, and quality improvement. It’s important to have the right product and right time in the production assembly line else it might lead to stoppage due to the component shortage.

Dock Management

Fixed RFID readers and antenna at entry and exit points provide efficient automated tracking of inward and outward vehicles in the manufacturing facilities. Our dock door solution using RFID helps organizations to have accurate and real-time visibility of the truck movement from the entry point to open yard parking to docking stations. RFID helps industries to achieve more productivity and higher ROI by using UHF passive RFID, Active RFID and BLE based solutions. We integrate manufacturing ERP system to integrate with our transportation system helps organizations to have a visibility of which vehicle has to come with priority, how many vehicles can be allowed in the open parking lot, which vehicle has to be allotted to the right dock station and finally till the exit of vehicles from the facilities

Yard Management

RFID based automated yard management system helps the automotive industry to have an efficient supply chain process in the facility. An effective solution for yard productivity. By integrating manufacturing ERP with the transport module allows which vehicle can be entered the premise as per the production schedule. Yard managers can solve space, priority, and vehicle management issues by monitoring the vehicles in real-time to make informed decisions. Our portal solution allows carriers to get real-time visibility, getting gate appointments in advance, informs gate staff about the upcoming vehicle information, drive details, required document checklist, and all other information in order to have a faster and smoother entry and exit in the manufacturing plant.

RFID in Material Tracking

The automotive industry produces vehicles based on a tight production schedule in every phase of its process. They should have a well-scheduled procurement plan as per the orders booked for the period with advanced material purchases from the various spares manufacturers. Barcode has been implemented in the component manufacturers packages, hence they can able to identify the total quantity of the supplied materials. But once materials arrived warehouse, now its part of the store management to categorize and allocate components as per the material requisition from the production floor. It’s critical to have a timely supply of materials to the assembly line in order to avoid the stoppages. Hence RFID plays an important role in material tracking.

RFID for Work in Process

The automotive manufacturing industry works in a highly competitive environment, they need to have lean management in order to win the competition. It’s essential to have a constant material flow from the procurement of stores, stores to totes and containers, containers to assembly lines. RFID software and hardware designed by Hexahash allow an organization to have an efficient work-in-process (WIP) in the entire factory. RFID labels and tags fixed on the moveable items such as bin, tote, and carts allow complete movement traceability to improve the production process. The HexaRFID WIP Tracking system helps production managers to have a track of parts and components in real-time with exact quantity, quality, and time of material availability to avoid stoppages.

Tracking Containers & totes

The automotive industry requires a huge dependency on returnable transport items. These returnable transport items are consisting of durable and reusable components such as trays, totes, rolling racks, containers, pans, and trolleys which constantly moves between production line at all times. RTIs plays an important role in the large-scale movement as well as small-scale movement. It operates within the factory premises to open yards and site to site across countries or geographies. Barcode tagged RTIs were in use in the automotive industries which is replaced with RFID tags and labels for long-range detection of containers and have faster decision making across the production lines. Hexahash provides an efficient container tracking system using UHF RFID and BLE.

In-plant Logistics

The automotive industry having a huge supply chain requirements from procurement of components to the delivery of finished goods vehicles to the customers in the sales outlets. Manufacturing plants require continuous procurement of spares and accessories to use in the production lines. As these components are procured from various vendors, there is a long queue of trucks in front of the automotive factories. This is due to chaos in the dock area, unorganized vehicle movements in the open yard parking area, an unprecedented time in loading and unloading. UHF passive RFID based solution by Hexahash solves these issues to have streamlined dock management and in-plant vehicle management from entry to exit. We provide automated weighbridge management using RFID.

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