RFID Retail Solution - Overview

Hexahash offers end-to-end retail solutions using UHF RFID, BLE, and IoT technologies. Our product portfolio includes automated inventory robots, overhead tracking systems, overhead real-time inventory, loss prevention systems, and real-time shelf inventory.

RFID Retail Solutions

We have ready-to-deploy RFID retail systems or we can customize these solutions to meet your specific environment and requirements. These products and solutions can be used for tool tracking, material inventory tracking, and production shop floor management as well. 

rfid shelf

RFID Smart Shelves for Automated Tracking

AdvanShelf is a smart shelf system integrated with UHF RFID that provides automated, always-on real-time inventory which provides accurate location and stock level of the items on each shelf.

rfid robot

RFID robot for accurate inventory

Robin is an autonomous RFID system that performs periodical inventory management automatically. It operates completely autonomously: Robot will take inventory upon a fixed schedule in a given path.

self checkout system

RFID Self-Checkout System

The RFID-based self-checkout system helps retailers to reduce queues, faster payment process, improves the customers shopping experience, and increases sales. This system identifies items faster and ensures reliability

RFID Fitting Room Mirror

RFID Fitting Room Mirror

This interactive system uses RFID + A touch screen + a mirror to improve the shopping experience.Customers can see images and detail of the products they have picked up which improves decision making


Wall Mount Smart Recommender

AdvanFitting-300 is a cost-effective RFID-based system specially designed for fitting rooms at retail stores. This interactive system uses RFID technology and a touch screen to improve the customer shopping experience at retail stores.

lift and look

Product Explainer & Recommender

AdvanLift is a product recommender with a tray ideal for cosmetics, footwear, wine, etc. By simply picking up a product from the tray, customers see benefits, experts’ advice, videos of how to use the product, and recommended products.

RFID Floormat

Loss Prevention - RFID Floormat

AdvanMat-300 is a high-performance modular RFID floor mat that integrates multiple UHF RFID antennas inside a floor mat, for tracking people or objects. This RFID-enabled floormat offers loss prevention in retail stores.


RFID Tag Encoding with Display

AdvanStation-200 easily and quickly encodes hundreds or thousands of RFID tags at retail stores, offices, distribution centers, warehouses, or other spaces. It can be used for mapping, de-mapping and killing tags.


Barcode & RFID Tag Encoding System

AdvanStation-100 is an encoding station for paper and hard RFID UHF tags.AdvanStation-100 encodes easily and quickly hundreds or thousands of RFID tags at retail stores and distribution centers

RFID gate

RFID Walk-through Gate

AdvanGate is a loss prevention UHF RFID system. It comprises a pedestal with RFID antennas, reader, and alarm combining EAS  & RFID  in one system. Triggers an alarm if any item has not been paid.



rfid overhead system

RFID Overhead Inventory Tracking

AdvanTrack-50 is an RFID UHF overhead system that accurately tracks assets, items and people in real-time and updates the inventory. It can be fixed in any orientation to scan all tagged items crossing below

RFID Portal

RFID Advanced Portal

AdvanPortal is an RFID-based tracking system that detects the tagged items that are passed through it in seconds and directly uploads the resulting data to AdvanCloud.It can read hundreds of tags in few seconds.

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