RFID Consulting

We design and build unique custom RFID solutions for a wide range of industry applications.

RFID Consultancy

Get the best RFID consultancy in the market about the RFID hardware, software, implementation. Costumer satisfaction is what drives our products and services.

RFID Development

We provide customized RFID software development according to the business needs. Because RIFD technology is all about improving the business processes.

RFID Implementation

We provide RFID implementation where we map your special business needs with the physical workplace, and deploying RFID system which improve business processes.

About our RFID Consultancy services

We are  leading RFID solutions provider based in Bangalore, India, having expertise in offering wide range of customized solutions for every industry. Our core expertise in RFID solutions being improved by more and more different requirements of our clients across the world. As one of the leading technology solution provider in India with host of many industry partners and resellers across the globe,Hexahash successfully completed numerous RFID projects for various industries. Hexahash innovates RTLS system using UHF passive RFID which is very cost effective and accurate in getting location intelligence of person or assets. Hope our consultancy problems help your business scale and improve it’s operations.

RFID Hardware

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Our solutions

RFID employee tracking

RFID race time tracking

RFID Tools tracking

RFID asset tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFID technology and how it works?

RFID means Radio frequency identification. It is used to track objects, people, and animals. A RFID system consists of three elements: a RFID tag (smart label), a RFID reader and an antenna. RFID tags contain memory and antenna which transfers data in the form of radio waves when in contact with to RFID signals.

How far can RFID be read?

The high range frequency tags such as UHF RFID tags can be read over 1 meter to 3 feet. Latest generation tags such as Gen2 tags can read upto 12 metres, and some IC’s plus antenna can be read at the maximum distance of 15 metres!.

How much a RFID tag cost?

The cost of RFID tags starts from few rupees to four thousand rupees depending upon the type of tag, where it needs to deployed and the volume of tags needed. Generally, the smart labels and tags needed to track cases and pallets cost around Rs10- Rs100 depending upon the volume.

How much does a RFID reader cost?

UHF RFID readers can cost anywhere between $500 and $2000, depending upon the features in the device. You also need to buy antenna, cables and tags separately to make complete RFID system. Antenna can cost around $200 each. The cost of UHF readers is constantly dropping due to increase in adoption of RFID technology.

How is barcode different from RFID?

Barcodes are designed to read one at a time whereas many RFID tags can be read at a single time. Also bar-codes requires being in line of sight, while RFID is “near field” technology, where tags only need to be in the range of the RFID to be scanned.

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