The RFID enabled Inventory Data and Analysis for Jewelers

Daily Stock Scanning

Compare Sales Vs Stock

Reports and Dashboard

Easy Integration

HexaTrack Jewel Stock solution offers unique features to jewelry retailers in many ways. You can able to have a daily stock audit using UHF passive RFID based reader to scan items in less than a minute. You can eliminate time-consuming manual process and replace it with RFID technology. Our solution consist of daily stock scanning, verify scanning, compare actual sales and inventory data with the scan data, scheduling scans, use the same RFID reader for mapping and demapping of the articles, sync data with your existing application or ERP, viewing stock day wise, rack or counter wise stock taking are the unique features of our product.

Jewelry & Diamond Stock Management using RFID  : Product Features

State of the Art Features & Integration with Any Jewelry Application is the power of Hexa Jewel Stock solution. It will empower your business with improved productivity and ease of use

Rack/Counter Wise Stock Check.

Accurate counting of jewelry and diamond articles across all the counters or for any specific counter, now it’s easy with Hexa Jewel Stock System.Always-On Allows precise article movement in the store

Integration with any ERP

You can run our application as a stand-alone for inventory purpose only or can integrate with any 3rd party applications to have a real-time data integration.

Increase Inventory Efficiency

You can increase stock check 10x faster than before. Accurate stock taking and reporting misplaced items as well missing items. A touch of button will reveal everything

Multi-Use RFID Reader

Hexa hand-held reader can be used for mapping, removal of mapping as well as stock taking. Read range can be adjusted from 10cm to 10 meter distance.

Inventory Report

Accurate Stock Report


HexaTrack offers precise stock report and real-time integration with jewelery store’s existing application for comparing and ensuring accurate inventory data. Report offers display rack wise or display counter wise scanning of jewelery items. Stores can map their existing article with RFID tag data using mapping feature of HexaTrack app.

What We Offer for Gold and Diamond Industry

Hexahash provides full range of products and services for the jewelery and diamond industry. Our product range starts from manufacturing plants of jewelry and diamond to retail stores which offers unique value add proposition and quick ROI for the organization. Please find more details of our products and services in this section.

Loss Prevention

RFID based anti-theft solution provides security and safety of the articles across the store using Always-On methodology. 24/7 automated security is possible using passive RFID

Jewelry Wax Tree Tracking

Jewelry wax-tree investment tracking made simple using HexaTrack RFID System. It’s a first of its kind in the world. No more misplaced wax-trees. Save money, time and resources using our unique solution

Tracking Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting molds attached with RFID tag allows to hold information of the article design, pattern and other parameters along with easy searching of the mold

RFID Jewelry Label

RFID jewelry Label

Hand-held Reader for Inventory

RFID hand-held reader helps jewelry retail store to scan and count daily inventory data and sync it with their existing application.

PVC RFID Jewelry Tag

PVC RFID mini-tags can be reused for jewelry tagging. We can print barcode data on the PVC tag to read through barcode as well as RFID

Custom Solutions – Contact us Now

We provide customized solutions for jewelry and diamond industry clients. Though business is same – requirements are different and unique. We have passion in technology and innovation, Call us to discuss about your requirement. Who knows… We may change the world.