RFID Based Event Management System Provider

RFID Event Management System

Event management is moving toward a digital age, but not just when it comes to presentation and performance! There are other aspects of digital delivery that will contribute to making your event run like a smooth, streamlined, and smart event. You can count on our RFID event management solution to deliver an unparalleled RFID delegate tracking experience for all your upcoming events.

Radiofrequency identification, or RFID, is a wireless, digital data management technology related to UHF passive RFID. RFID allows the wireless transfer of data via RFID chips (also known as tags) which are read using radio waves. RFID based event management system requires the following RFID components: 


  1. RFID wristband/tag with an embedded RFID chip to be worn by guests  
  2. RFID readers will be installed at strategic locations on the event site
  3. HexaRFID Event Management Software with RFID middleware engine and data analysis system. 

Visitor Pattern Analysis

RFID helps in accumulating the minute-by-minute data of each event location in order to identify heatmap, less crowded areas, well responding spots. RFID data helps in analyzing visitor behavior, use case analysis, and total dwelling hours in the venue location. It’s easy to get the overall picture of the event using an RFID event management system. Attendee behaviors can be captured accurately by RFID technology, providing a unique insight into event operations. RFID tracking provides real-time streaming data to the organizer. 

Event Insight for Improvement

RFID tracking makes market analysis easier than ever before since event organizers can see where attendees go, which booths they visit, and how long they stay engaged at each booth.RFID technology offers event organizers valuable information that they can pass on to exhibitors as an added benefit of having a booth at their show. Event-driven triggers, notification alerts, scheduled alerts, heatmap alerts, visitor’s behavioral pattern monitoring are important insights to the event organizer. 


RFID Tracking in Conferences & Meetings

The use of RFID devices, such as passive RFID (UHF RFID), provides valuable information that managers can use to gauge which exhibits are visited, how long visitors stay, and which areas attract the most attention. Our RFID system will provide the exact headcount of visitors accurately.


RFID Tracking in Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Beyond check-in and registration, attendees at trade shows, and exhibitions are largely non-trackable and unknown to event hosts and organizers. RFID readers fixed at strategic locations keep monitor visitors in each location identify heatmap of each area


RFID Tracking in Race Timing & Sports Events

We implemented RFID based race timing system for many events in India which precisely calculates each participant’s time duration, exact lap crossing details, start and endpoint details in real-time. RFID helps many other sports events to track and trace.