Manufacturing of precious and high value jewellery requires issue of raw materials, checking its quality along the chain, maintaining its inventory and lots of more things. These processes require constant monitoring through manpower and valuable time of the company. By investing in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the jewellery businesses can improve their productivity, can cut off manual work, and get good return on the investment (ROI).

Currently the whole process of monitoring is done with the help of manpower. The supervisor takes the raw materially manually at each shop floor; it then keeps record of it in traditional way and then provides it to the workers who make the jewellery. After the jewellery is built, it is then sent for the article QC check where every jewellery item is checked against the given standards. And finally the inventory of the finished jewellery items is tracked and sent to retail stores for sales.

The Radio Identification (RFID) technology can drastically decrease the number of steps from procurement of raw materials to delivery of raw materials. It not only decreases the time of manufacturing but also increases the productivity and is proving itself a great mechanism against the jewellery theft control in the whole production, retail and sale cycle.


With the help of RFID the whole process became automated, and manual work is reduced hugely. The employees are required only for issuing and receiving materials. Everything is tracked and monitored in real time and movement of jewellery item is captured on the shop floor using automated process.


The jewellery management system consists following components:

  • IMPNJ RFID readers – which can are installed on shop floors,
  • The RFID tags – which are inserted in materials and jewellery items.
  • The antennas -which get signals from jewellery items and sends it to RFID readers
  • RFID software – Which collects and analyses data



Now there is real time control on accountability on who is doing what, when, where without the need of manual entry of data. The testing of finished materials and procurement of raw materials is also fully automated.

This new technology is proving to be very beneficial for the jewellery industry and providing a great return on investment to businesses who are implementing these solutions. It just need to be implemented one time and provides benefits for long time without much maintenance. The RFID tracking system for production can be integrated with any ERP and SAP software.  If you are looking for implementing Jewellery tracking software you can consult us.