RFID Asset Tracking System

Know your asset location and its status in real-time

RFID Asset Tracking System

RFID asset tracking system eliminates recurring costs and accurate asset whereabout and its status

BLE Based Asset Tracking

BLE helps you to track assets with IoT sensors such as motion detection and other sensors
RFID Based Asset Inventory Control

Asset Management using RFID

A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag attached to an asset, tool, or equipment allows you to track its location in real-time as well as its status. An asset inventory management system that uses passive RFID tags with embedded rfid chips offers complete asset details throughout its life cycle. Active RFID tracking software or passive RFID tracking with GPS offers several advantages to the organization.Asset management and tracking system provides complete asset inventory control for the efficient application of inventory management

RFID Based Asset Tracking using RFID reader and tags

BLE based Asset Tracking Using BLE beacon and gateways

Lora based long range asset tracking

IoT Based Conditional Monitoring with Asset Identification

Geo IOT based Asset Tracking

Geo IoT collects data to track movements and interactions of objects in proximity

BLE Based Asset Tracking

Location information is an essential part of every business BLE provides the same

RFID Based Asset Tracking

An RFID asset tracking system automates the management and locating of physical assets.

Lora Based Asset Tracking

LoraWAN based asset tracking offers long-distance trace and track of assets

Next-Generation Asset Tracking using Geo IoT & RFID

Asset Tracking Solution uses various technologies for managing, tracking, and maintaining assets throughout its facilities. It gives detailed information like who is using the asset, location of the device, health, status, and performance of the assets.

Geo IOT based Asset Tracking
Geo IoT is the next wave of tracking technology that combines geolocation technologies with Internet-of-Things technologies. Hexahash provides a cutting-edge geo IoT based asset tracking system for the enterprises.

Geo IoT is the productivity enhancer and growth enabler when we use it in the right combination of RFID or IoT sensors. Geo IoT provides ubiquitous location intelligence which is valuable for every business vertical.

How would you differentiate Geo IoT asset tracking vs conventional asset tracking using RFID, BLE or UWB. When you search for equipment in your shop floor or construction site, RFID / BLE can give you an exact location of the asset in a few minutes. But what if additional information can be attached to it? Such as adding most recent location info, previous location info, how often is it being used and who was the last person used the tool.

Hexahash offers Geo IoT combined with RFID and BLE technologies to take your asset tracking to the next level which is easier and faster.RFID asset tracking system can be integrated with an RFID employee tracking system to analyze not only assets but also employee interactions with assets.

RFID Based Asset Tracking System
Know Your Tool When you need it is more important than anything

HexaTrack RFID asset tracking system is an end-to-end asset life cycle management solution that tracks and monitors assets in real-time. RFID Tags attached with your equipment give way to monitor and maintain it till end of the life of the tool. It will save your time and cost and gives a faster ROI on the investment of RFID asset tracking equipment.

Hexa RFID asset tracking equipment will automatically track the location of the asset and its status in the HexaRTLS asset management software. We have more than 7 years of experience in asset management consulting and services for world-leading industries and enterprises.

What are the components involved in RFID based asset tracking?

RFID Reader
RFID Antenna
RFID Handheld Reader

RFID Reader
Fixed RFID readers are better readers for the always-on and unattended asset tracking. When you have a fixed reader, fixed in the right orientation will scan all the tool movements within your premises. You don’t need to have a manual operation to manage the tools and its whereabouts.

There are 4 Port readers, 2 Port reader and single port reader, which can be used according to your environment. Our readers are world’s best and proven readers used by fortune 500 companies around the world.

UHF passive RFID readers having ethernet, serial, and console ports for communication protocol. Our readers are having Poe port, hence you can have LAN connectivity as well as power in a single cable.

RFID Antenna
RFID reader has ports to connect the RFID antenna. We provide 9 dB UHF circular polarized or linear antenna which can be used as per your industry and its environment. We have 3 dBm, 6 dBm, 9 dBm as well as 12 dB UHF passive antenna can read tags effectively and accurately.

RFID Hand Held Reader
Handheld readers are good for mobility and it can read tags from shorter read range to longer read range. If fixed readers can not be extended to all the places of your premise, you can use the handheld reader, which will help you to achieve the same objective of fixed readers.

RFID UBS Desktop Reader
Hexahash manufactures USB Desktop RFID readers for mapping the assets with RFID labels or tags. We provide tagging software that can import a complete inventory of assets in an excel or CSV format to import into our HexaTrack asset management software to map the items with respective UHF labels.

RFID Label
UHF passive RFID labels have various form factors and can be used as per the use case and environment of the business. We provide non-metal RFID labels, On-metal RFID labels, Ceramic RFID tags, heat resistant RFID tags, and many other tag types for use with a wide range of assets, equipment, and tools.

Asset Tracking Software
Asset tracking software has integration with UHF RFID reader and antenna which can track assets automatically 24/7. We provide complete asset life cycle management software that can track asset status from the date of purchase till the end of its life. Our asset management software has an inbuilt analytical features and Microsoft Power BI based live dashboard features which are very unique and useful for the organization.

you can reach us for more discussion on your asset management requirement.

BLE based Asset Tracking System
BLE based asset tracking system empowers asset management further by adding IoT sensors into the BLE asset tags. Asset tags can have an accelerometer, humidity, temperature sensors in order to identify not only its location but also its environment. BLE tags are very useful compared to UHF RFID tags as line of sight is not required for BLE asset tags.
Lora Based Long Range Asset Tracking System
LoraWAN based asset tags attached to asset equipment offers very long-range asset identification and tracking. Lora offers 10s of 100s of miles of long-range tracking of assets. Package tracking is easier with lorawan technique as it can give you the proximity of the tag along with its latitude and longitude. If assets getting moved from a designated location, you can receive a notification that asset has been moved or in transit, which will helpful for the organization to take appropriate steps to track packages or equipment in real-time.
UWB Based Asset Tracking System
UWB based asset tracking or tool tracking helps organizations to have a less than 5-centimeter accuracy of the tool location which help the organization to identify their tool or equipment in exact location which is not possible with other technique so accurately.

RTLS Asset Tracking with BLE Technology

A BLE-based asset tracking system provides a solution to locate, track and manage assets in challenging RF environments, such as factory shop floors, large work areas, hospitals, and industrial buildings. BLE asset tracking devices are designed to meet the long-range, low-power characteristics of BLE technology while providing accuracy and reliability. 


Hexa M1 BLE Beacon

Hexa M1 beacons are small and light keychain beacons with an nRF52 chipset and BLE 5.0 technology, configurable via mobile app


BLE Beacon with Key Hole

The iBeacon and Eddystone compatible with a portable keyhole and adhesive, can easily be attached to any asset


RFID+QR Code Enabled Beacon

M3 Beacons are multi-technology beacon which combines QR Code, UHF Passive RFID and BLE 5.0. It offers multiple benefits

RFID Asset Tracking Starter Kit

World-leading asset tracking equipment, software, and asset management solutions for global organizations by HexaTrack® asset tracking software.RFID asset tracking starter kit consists of UHF RFID reader equipment such as 4 port reader, UHF RFID antenna, On-Metal Label, Non-metal labels, and few hard tags with cloud-based asset management software access. Contact us for more details.

RFID Fixed Reader

RFID readers read asset details through its antenna which connected at strategic points across the organization.

RFID Handheld Reader

RFID handheld readers are easy to deploy and manage assets in the organization. Reader update servers automatically

RFID Labels and Tags

Asset labels and tags are designed to help with asset identification, tagging and tracking of any kind of assets in an organization.

Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software is a software system that helps an organization to track the equipment and IT assets to know its status, location of each asset, and much other information relevant to asset life cycle management. We provide complete asset management software for fixed assets, IT assets, and equipment assets for a wide range of industries across the domains.

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management software helps organizations to have a complete inventory of their equipment and moveable assets to monitor its performance, depreciation, and maintenance.

IT Asset Management Software

IT asset management software helps organization to have a complete inventory of IT assets, assets location, assets status, and every other detail to manage the assets. We can provide Barcode or RFID tagging for assets

CMMS Software

CMMS software helps you to keep your equipment running at its optimal level and reduce expenses and sudden surprises. CMMS  organizes your maintenance headaches and saves you time and money.

How Does an RFID Asset Tracking System Work?

Employees often find it challenging to find the correct tool or equipment when it is needed, which leads to costly delays, missed deadlines, wasted resources in terms of time, labor, and money, as well as missed production deadlines. Many companies still use spreadsheets and barcodes to organize equipment and assets across the organization and its branches. However, they maintain and streamline the process, this method results in significant manual work. However, radio frequency identification technology (RFID) enables assets to be automatically identified, which enhances assets management processes quickest. HexaTrack RFID asset tracking system not only provides a complete asset management solution but also employee tracking features as well.

In the asset tracking system, RFID data is transmitted via electromagnetic fields from an RFID Tag mapped to a specific asset through an RFID antenna connected to a RFID reader. The type of fixed assets, IT assets, tools or equipment can vary depending on the industry or environment. RFID tracking systems provide accurate, real-time location information for any kind of assets

Active RFID Tracking System

We supply Active RFID asset tracking tags for asset location tracking and identification. Active RFID is easy to use in larger environments, where passive RFID infrastructure is more expensive for a wider and larger premises

Passive RFID Tracking System

The Passive RFID tags offers the very least RFID asset tracking cost and allow a company to have microzones which is not possible with Active RFID systems. We provide an end-to-end solution using UHF RFID technology for passive RFID asset tracking

Selecting Right RFID System

It’s crucial to select a suitable RFID system for asset tracking whether it’s a fixed asset or healthcare asset or IT asset. Location tracking plays important role in asset management hence choosing the right RFID system will reduce costing and increase ROI

A proven RFID Asset tracking system

The Hexa RFID Asset tracking system is a fully integrated asset tracking solution that tracks and monitors asset movements in real-time. RFID asset tracking system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data from RFID tags to a reader through an antenna. BLE tags transmit data through BLE WiFi Gateway to track assets. LoraWAN uses a gateway to transmit asset data to Lora Gateway. Our unified solution which uses all tracks and trace technologies in a single platform to manage all your assets