Impinj Xspan


The xSpan Gateway is a fixed  RAIN RFID reader system  used in infrastructure that provides omnipresent real-time detection, monitoring, , movement of tagged items. This Impinj device enhances the visibility of items throughout your facility or across your global supply chain. XSpan Gateway essentially connects everyday tagged items to the the cloud software based business solutions.

Its features & benefits includes:

  • Continuous monitoring up to 1,000 sq. ft. coverage. It is ideally suited for spaces such as hospital and conference rooms, mid-size retail spaces,hallways and portals.
  • Movement tracking and item identification empowers loss prevention systems, entry and exit event detection, and other portal and tag direction applications that require bidirectional movement monitoring.
  • Easy to Use, low-profile and light-weight for easy installation on both ceiling and walls.
  • Peak performance ensured at all times with patented Autopilot functionality which automatically optimises settings for its environment.


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