Lone Worker Tracking System

Ensure Employee Safety in Remote Locations

A unique solution using GPS, IoT and HF RFID

Hexahash provides lone worker safety solutions using IoT and RFID. Our solution ensures that your lone workers and employees in the remote location is safe no matter where they are. HexaTrack RFID and GPS based mobile app helps you to track the location of your remote lone worker in real-time and getting their attendance details, total working hours and safety of the employee.

Hexahash provides field worker safety solutions for companies and enterprises. Combining RFID, GPS and BLE technology and RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems), HexaTrack provides you an hawk-eye-view of your facilities and employees.




LoraWAN Smart Badge for Lone Worker with GPS and Panic Alert


BLE & GPS Enabled Lone Worker Smart Badge with Panic Alert


NFC Stickers and Coins in Regular Visiting Spots for Maintenance Crew


GPS Wearable Smart Tracker for Lone Worker and Field Staff


HexaTrack Lone Worker App for Android and iOS

Product Result

Looking for ways to keep your lone workers safe? We can give you good coordinates of the area where the lone worker is located. Our Lone Worker Tracking Smart Badge devices are used to give instantaneous updates of lone workers’ location.

More Features

Hands-Free Operation

Our IoT smart badges are passive devices that are wearable by employees and track the movements passively. This feature is important for any lone worker hence implemented the same in our mobile app as well.

Real-Time Data

All our smart badges are designed to stream data continuously in real-time hence location information, the active or inactive status of the employee, threshold level inactive alert, and notifications.

Live Map View

Live Google Map view by admin is a valuable too as how an activity is going on, when an employee was reached the location, how long an activity takes place and other valuable data is available along with google map

Employee Safety

Employee safety is most important when they are alone in a remote location. Our BLE smart badges have in-built IoT sensors which monitor if any accidental events occurred in the site when an employee was alone and it will send an alert instantly to the management

With or Without Device

Every business is unique. LoraWAN or BLE smart badges are wearable badges that send data continuously to the server. In some instances, a Lone worker safety smart app will do the same functionality without any external devices to be worn by an employee.

Attendance & Well Being

Its important to have the attendance information of a remote lone worker and equally important to monitor their wellness. Our IoT smart badges have built-in IoT sensors, panic buttons that aid the lone worker to use when it required. Admin can view all the events