The Perfect Software to improve your Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business

The most powerful and proven Laundry & Dry Cleaning Software with RFID / Barcode Tagging, SMS notification, expense management, and multi-store POS software

Salient Features

We implement continuous new technology innovation into the laundry business which will help you to stay ahead in the business

Multi Store Management

Do you have more than one outlet? Then HexaPOS is a perfect choice to manage your outlets remotely

Multi Language Support

HexaPOS supports more than 40 languages globally

SMS/Email Notification

Notify your customers by sending them SMS and Emails for every pickup/drop services and special offers


Mobile App

Free Mobile App for pickup and drop by drivers at customer locations and outlets which makes informed decision making

RFID/Barcode Tagging

RFID/Barcode tagging made possible to avoid garment missing and mixing – 100x productivity improvement assured

Image Capture for Proof

When booking garments, take picture using webcam for damaged articles and prove that mistake is not your’s

Voice Enabled Laundry Software - No Need To Type

HexaPOS introducing Alexa AI enabled voice service to book the garments and deliver it when customers are in your outlet. Do your work while you talk to Alexa to book the garment and print a invoice

We keep training Alexa to work with HexaPOS to response day to day activities of laundry and dry cleaning business –  your outlet employees will feel fun while doing their work and increase the productivity

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RFID Enabled Laundry Dry Cleaners

Let’s Up Lift the Laundry & Dry Cleaning Industry Better Together!

We invite laundry and dry cleaning industry businessmen and professionals to share their thoughts on improving laundry and dry cleaning industry further to its fullest potential using new and upcoming technologies to improve productivity – save cost and bring in more profit. If you have unique idea which can uplift the industry – please share with us – we are ready to explore the same to make it a reality and render the service or idea to all other fellow business owners. You can send your thoughts to [email protected]

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Frequently asked question

What features are available?

You get cloud based solution with inventory management, expense management, delivery/pickup management, billing, along with RFID/Barcode

Can I integrate RFID or Barcode?

The system can be integrated with the RFID or Barcode for tracking purposes. With RFID and barcode, you can track the cloths throughout the washing/drycleaning service

Can I access the software through mobile phone?

You can access the data remotely through mobile app and mobile responsive website.

Can I tracking more than one shop in same software?

The application provides the multi-store support with which you can track multiple stores in a single software at the same time.

Our Latest Projects

Exciting New Customers – Spreading wings to other countries – HexaPOS goes limitless boundary of laundry and dry cleaning industry

HEXA POS Software

Best point of sale software with Inventory management, delivery/pickup management, sales management, billing and RFID/Barcode integration

HEXA Smart laundry lockers

The smart laundry lockers can be installed in the apartments, and office buildings. Once installed, people can drop their cloths for laundry. The shops nearby will get a notification to pickup. Once the laundry will be completed, the laundry shop will drop the package again to the locker. The customer get a notification and billing information after they pickup their package from smart locker.

HEXA Smart basket/Hanger

With the help of smart baskets and hanger you can easily sort, identify and manage different cloths in a easy way. Get accurate weight, count of cloths and where they are stored. Every cloth is fitted with RFID chip which help in accurately identifying the exact location of the package.

A Complete Laundry & Dry Cleaning Solution

We are a complete laundry and dry cleaner solution provider from hardware to software to run your business easier than every before