Indoor Positioning with BLE Beacons

Indoor positioning technology is becoming an essential requirement for many industries. BLE beacons replace GPS for indoor position tracking and navigation due to accuracy and performance. Hexahash provides state-of-the-art solutions using BLE beacons

BLE beacon-based Location Services & Solutions

Bluetooth provides low-cost, sleek, and easy to deploy indoor positioning and tracking with long battery life. Our location engine using BLE beacon helps you to easily locate people or items with direction and way-finding. We integrate 3D floor mapping with BLE beacons helps organisations to achieve accuracy and instant location information of assets and people.

Client Based Positioning

Indoor navigation using beacons offers distinctive advantages for projects which require high accuracy and real-time positioning of a person. Mobile app-based indoor positioning allows real-time location with an accuracy of up to 1 to 3 meters. This approach uses people’s smartphone as a client for location algorithm

Server based Approach

Indoor positioning with server-based architecture uses BLE beacons and BLE WiFi Gateway hardware to communicate with the HexaRTLS server. Customer can obtain a hybrid approach as well to use smartphones as a client and server-based approach to have more accurate positioning of a person or asset with wayfinding in real-time

RTLS System for BLE Beacons

HexaRTLS is a platform that offers real-time locating of people or assets using BLE beacons. A complete bundled location platform that offers employee tracking, and asset tracking, or a combination of another tracking into a single solution. Our RTLS is a true multi-tracking-technology enabled to track anything, anywhere.


HexaRTLS provides a 3D mapping-based RTLS solution that helps enterprises to check their asset or personnel presence and movements in real-time using the BLE beacon and its infrastructure. We provide complete consulting, evaluation,, estimation, and implementation services for organisations globally

Our hardware devices are vast in range and different form factors that can be used for any use case of your industry. You can reach our technical team for more details.

How It Works

Place a beacon on any item or person to track in real-time using our BLE mesh. Our BLE mesh architecture works as an IoT infrastructure and provides accurate employee tracking and asset tracking information using our RTLS location engine. HexaRTLS supports N number of BLE beacons to communicate with BLE gateway and IoT platform from where data would be distributed via middleware engine to the different databases and applications.

BLE Use Cases

Patient Tracking for HealthCare

BLE beacon-based indoor positioning provides real-time patient monitoring and tracking in hospitals. BLE based tracking system can guarantee optimum protection and freedom of movement for critically ill patients.

Employee Tracking

BLE beacon-based employee tracking system helps organizations to improve employee safety, productivity, and performance using BLE badges. RTLS using BLE beacon offers employee automated attendance, location intelligence, Geofencing, and data analysis to improve employee productivity and safety

Visitor Tracking

BLE beacon-based visitor tracking system improves the visitor’s experience to the next level. BLE beacon helps your visitor to find and reach their destination faster and easier. Security officers can define visitors’ allowed areas in the facility, create Geo-fencing for visitors, monitor their real-time movements, get alerts when a visitor goes beyond the defined location.

Asset Tracking

BLE beacon-based asset tracking system helps an organisation to identify assets when they need it, find it in the exact location, having a history of an asset from the date it was purchased, helps in asset auditing, tracks who uses the asset and how long they were using the asset, whether an employee returned the asset or not – like these a complete asset life cycle and usage management can be tracked using BLE beacon-based RTLS solution.