Speedway readers from Impinj are the world’s #1 selling RAIN RFID readers. They offer high performance for every application

Impinj r420 RFID Reader

World’s Largest Selling RAIN RFID Reader

Impinj R420 RFID Reader – Technology leader Impinj envisioned the RFID system of tomorrow—and it has a mind of its own. The Speedway Revolution reader automatically delivers peak performance—all day, every day. RF interference, tag quantity, ambient RF noise, and even building materials near an RFID installation all affect system performance. Most users configure their readers for worst-case scenarios, often compromising the best performance in the process. With the Speedway Revolution’s Autopilot, innovative firmware features work together, automatically optimizing the reader operation to its environment—delivering peak performance at all times.

One Reader for 32 Antennas

Impinj Antenna Hub offers expanding options with reduced costs. The Impinj R420 RFID reader can be extended with 32 antennas for specific use cases such as retail, solar plant monitoring, warehouse and manufacturing operations

Impinj AntennaHub

IMPINJ R420 Key Features

Impinj R420 reader delivers item visibility with the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust solutions.


Continuously optimizes the reader’s configuration for the best, most reliable performance. The Speedway Revolution senses levels of RF noise and interference, automatically selecting the appropriate settings

Low Duty Cycle

The low duty cycle reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs. The Speedway Revolution only transmits when tags are in the field, helping to clear the air of unnecessary RF noise

Dynamic antenna switching

Dynamic antenna switching improves throughput and helps the reader work more efficiently. Impinj R420 senses tags in the field and  automatically focuses more time on the antennas with the largest tag populations in view

Maximum Performance

Exclusive operational modes for high throughput, high tag density capability to automatically optimize performance

Withstand Tough Environments

Ruggedized cast aluminum enclosure withstands shock; ISO IP45 water-resistant case available

Supports up to 32 Antennas

Provides low-cost opportunity to create a large, contiguous read zone with many antennas connected to a single reader

Enterprise Applications using Impinj R420

We provide end-to-end solutions such as RFID asset tracking system, tool, and equipment tracking as well as employee tracking applications for a wide range of industries across the world using Impinj R420, R220, and R120 RFID readers.

With the largest installed base of fixed readers across a diverse range of applications, Speedway readers deliver market-leading performance, quality, flexibility and reliability for companies who use RAIN RFID to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve efficiency

RFID Employee Tracking

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