Hexa Access+ Hands-free UHF Reader

Hexa Access+ is the smallest, thin, passive UHF readers for hands-free door access for offices and factories. UHF passive RFID based reader can identify employees up to 1-meter distance using EPC Global GEN 2 RFID system.

World’s Smallest UHF Door Access System

Hands-free door access is an essential requirement for hospitals, office premises, healthcare facilities, and industries to protect employees from viruses.

HexaAccess++ RFID Reader

UHF RFID Door Access

UHF passive RFID based door access control system provides an efficient, safer, and secured access control for the enterprises. Hexa Access+ is the smallest, cute RFID reader that can provide contactless access for the employees and visitors. Protect your premises from viruses and bacteria using contactless door access.

Product Features

We develop new products and innovate things in new ways for the benefit of industries and society. UHF hands-free access control devices developed in view of providing safer entry and exit of people in the private or public premises to protect from viruses and bacterias. Hexa Access+ having the following features

Dual Card Access

Hexa Access+ offers the convenience of using UHF and HF both together in a single dual ID badge to have access to the premises as per the access control privilege.

Long Range Identification

Long-range employee/visitor identification is possible due to its long read range of 10cm to 1-meter read range. Our reader supports combo card technologies such as HF, Mifare or HID


Automated Attendance

Hexa Access+ provides automated attendance of users of the premises. No more long queues, repeat swiping of the cards, and delayed entry. The reader offers faster entry and exit of users

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