HexaHash offers a wide range of services suiting to the needs of every customer irrespective of domain and the technology. HexaHash Pro is proud of its team who are the guiding force since our inception who have managed to deliver consistent results in any area of services provided by us.

HexaHash helps businesses evaluate, implement, model, and customize critical ERP software. We do this through an expert ERP consulting practice that specializes in helping businesses define processes that can lead to powerful new business outcomes.

  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Training
  • Customization
  • Continuous Improvement

We believe that the implementation and configuration of the software is more important than the software itself. Finding the right tool for the right job is important, but even the right software cannot fix a misaligned implementation. That’s why our experts come from industry and provide expertise around how businesses can best leverage their ERP software to better support their business. This means defining current processes, evaluating optimizations, and implementing strategies that hold stakeholders accountable to system success.

We provide ERP consulting, support, and guidance throughout the operational life cycle of your software. As your business evolves, so should your software and the processes it supports. We are a true partner. Someone you can leverage to ensure your software is producing the ROI that was envisioned when the decision to implement it was made.

Our ERP practice has bred best-in-class enterprise applications and technology and enabled organizations to implement, optimize and garner maximum value from their technological investments. We leverages its highly skilled resource-power and deep domain knowledge to bring forth extensive skills in business consulting, ERP evaluation, selection, implementation, post-implementation support, maintenance, upgrades, change management and related data management services.


We provide our best practices support and customized services on platforms such as ERP, Data Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Portal Solutions and Software Development. We customize our services to meet your specific requirement in terms of business needs and technology solutions. Our services are designed to take care of the service level agreements thus enabling the customer to focus on their core business.


With an experience spanning over 10+ years of man month on ERP service, we are positioned competitively to ensure that our services are up to the satisfactory level of every customer in the gambit of ERP solutions.

HexaHash provides niche ERP Services in the areas of:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & Distribution
  • Human Capital Management Solutions
  • Industry Ready ERP Solutions
  • ERP For Ecommerce Industry
  • Edi Services For ERP Products

Consulting Services

Our Consulting services help clients successfully navigate a rapidly evolving business environment. From sophisticated customer services to integrated supply chain solutions, we enable businesses to reach new heights and achieve their vision.

We provide our consulting services for:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • ERP Project Consultation
  • Information Security Services
  • ERP Staffing Services


A leader in outsourcing, our collaborative approach allows you to achieve better, faster and more sustainable results. We are currently collaborating on some of the world’s largest outsourcing contracts. Leading companies entrust us as a results-driven business partner to solve their most complex business problems Our staff augmentation services are designed in rather a simple way, thus making the service framework very simple to understand, but the resource are aimed at solving complex situations.


Transform your business with best in class Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Enterprises now orchestrate most of their processes by using ERP solutions. However most are yet to realize better ROI because critical gaps in the standard implementation remain to be covered and many do not offer decision support.
HexaHash Pro Enterprise Applications brings in new ways of orchestrating organizational processes by leveraging its industry expertise through packaged ERP applications. Our solutions help businesses pursue growth opportunities with agility, and adapt faster to changing market and regulatory environments with ease.
Vertical focused Centers of Excellence build the right industry templates, develops business specific scenarios and helps assess the ROI of the proposed solutions.
HexaHash Pro offers services across the lifecycle of the solution, spanning consulting, implementation, roll-out, upgrades, enterprise integration and managed services. We offer rapid deployment solutions based on our expertise and distributed delivery model. Our industry-driven approach ensures that we have pre-configured templates for verticals such as steel, oil and gas among others.
We help deliver business processes as a platform to align business and IT strategies. We focus on understanding market trends, analyzing client requirements, gaining expertise in emerging technologies and helping clients enhance business potential by planning, architecting and integrating the right solutions.

ERP Offerings

  • Supply Chain Solutions: Supply Chain sharpens your competitive edge beyond your boundaries. A robust Supply Chain strengthens the promise of the delivery while taking cognizance of capacity constraints and maintaining revenue and business objectives.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Superior customer experience across the lifecycle is a strategic differentiator for enterprises products and services. A well deployed CRM solution helps enterprises develop customer focused strategies, derive customer insights and improve customer loyalty.
  • Treasury & Risk Management: Treasury plays a major role in identification of risk, mitigation strategies and making enterprises more competitive in their exposure. These solutions offer better in-house cash management to control liquidity, risk visibility, and optimize interfaces with financial and regulatory institutions.
  • Human Capital Management: Employees demands a simple, transparent and personal goal oriented engagement with organizations. To address these aspects and to manage employee lifecycle from hire to retire transparently, HR needs the right processes and technology.