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RFID feedback terminal

Employee Feedback In Record Time.

Employee feedback terminals are an excellent tool for conducting periodical employee satisfaction surveys for various subjects. Hexahash helps companies to gather fast feedback and take corrective actions using touch button terminals and touch screen kiosks. RFID-based employee feedback machines help employees to press the button to express their feeling towards various factors in the organization.

Smiley Feedback Terminals

Smileys makes employees happier hence they express their feelings easier with smiley feedback terminals

Employee Feedback Kiosks

Feedback Kiosks help companies to add more purpose-driven surveys and questionnaires to fill by employees.

A Smart way to conduct Employee Satisfaction Survey

Organizations require periodical surveys and feedback data collections from employees to improve productivity and morale among their employees.

This is an important tool for any organization in order to improve productivity and find issues problematic areas in advance. Feedback terminal devices fixed in the strategic locations collect employee moods after or in-between shifts to help the organization track employee’s behavior, productivity, and performance.

RFID-based employee tracking provides accurate location information in your office or factory. We now offer employee survey terminals and kiosks with RFID based employee feedback system to identify and improve employee satisfaction levels and morale.

employee feedback stand

RFID Based Employee Feedback Terminal

Feedback Terminals can be used in various locations to improve the service

Department Specific, Shift based Feedback Terminals

Shift based, department or subject area specific feedback data are important tool to know the reality in the ground. Find the issues in the premises in real-time and every time accurately using kiosks

Feedback Machines for Employee Canteens

Canteens are important places for every employee in an organization where they need healthy and tasty food to refresh their mind and mood. Companies can watch food caterers’ service performance using these feedback terminals.

Feedback Terminals for Cleaning and Hygiene Surveys

Employees require a hygienic environment in every area of the premises especially in restrooms, cafeteria, lift lobbies, and every other location on the premises.

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Our Pricing

Smiley Feedback Terminal without RFID

Feedback Terminals provided with a touch button terminal and cloud software to monitor and manage feedback data. Cloud-based feedback software will be billed annually after a year. (First year its free)


Starts from

Smiley Feedback Terminals with RFID

Companies can use the same HF RFID cards which uses for access control and attendance to use with our terminals to collect feedback data.

INR. 8500.00

Starts from

Touch Screen Feedback Kiosks without RFID

Companies can collect data from visitors and employees to input their values and goes through the survey to give feedback hence RFID is not required here.

The price is for the Kiosk stand and Cloud Software only. The customer has to provide an iPad to use with the kiosks. or it will be billed separately along with the kiosk stand

INR. 21500.00

Starts from

Touch Screen Feedback Kiosk Stand with RFID

Employees existing RFID can be used in this Kiosk type to collect employee feedback and surveys. You can take surveys for any subject matter and any number of time.

This pricing is without Ipad and for Kiosk stand and Cloud software access only (Software subscription free for 1st year)

INR 25,500.00

Starts from

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