Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality

Hexa-AR renders 3D objects in real time into your field of vision. For example, looking through the cover of a machine and seeing its internal component structure. In other words, ‘augmented’ information is much more sophisticated.

Hexa-AR smart glasses overlay holograms into the wearer’s real life environment. Hand gestures & vocal commands allow you to interact with your holograms & to control your smart glasses.

Hexa-AR smart glasses can let warehouse workers keep their hands free and have the pick list constantly in view. This creates the best conditions for continuous material flow and uninterrupted shift operation in the warehouse.

Create clarity in your warehouse with smart glasses Assisted Reality – expanding reality with context-dependent digital information – is becoming increasingly common in the logistics sector.

Hexa-VR makes using smart glasses in order picking practical. It keeps both hands free, incorporates an integrated barcode scanner and ensures enough battery life for at least one shift.

Hexa-AR’s comfortable wearing is key to gaining acceptance among staff. Warehouse work involves a lot of movement, and the smart glasses must not slip, tip to one side or sit heavily on the nose. This is why wear comfort is one of Picavi´s top priorities. Wear comfort is a combination of weight and balance. Operating the system is also intuitive, clear and simple.

At present, these requirements are only fulfilled by monocular, so-called see-through head-mounted displays (HMD). These project a virtual, see-through display in front of the user’s eye, with the warehouse environment and projection perceived together as Assisted Reality. This allows the user to concentrate on their task, while the comfortable smart glasses provide all the important data, such as storage location, item number and number of picks in real time via the display at the edge of their field of vision.

Years of experience make the difference. With our wide-ranging expertise, we developed the software to best exploit the resources of wearable technology.