RFID Employee Tracking System

Say hello to a new way of tracking the attendance, location, and safety of employees with Radio Frequency(RFID) technology. Track, identify, and manage your employees with the revolutionary RFID Employee tracking system

What is the employee tracking system?

First of all, let’s understand what an employee tracking system is. It is a system that is used to keep a record of time resources and office location information of the employees in an organization. It uses wireless technology for tracking and so doesn’t need to be in a direct line of sight for scanning. Because of this, locating the employees and keeping track of their time becomes very easy for employees with the help of the Radio Frequency(RFID) employee tracking system.

Importance of employee tracking system

The main purpose of employee tracking is to make sure that the employee goals align with the business. It gives the ability to keep a measure of worker’s efficiency and improve the overall productivity of the business.

How Radio Frequency (RFID) employee tracking devices work

With the help of the Radio Frequency(RFID) enabled employee tracking system, you can monitor employees in real-time, analyze their movement and ensure their safety. The system consists of three components:

  1. RFID badges or RFID Cards are given to your employees to wear during working hours
  2. Long-range RFID readers and antenna installed in the strategic points of the facility such as exit and entry gates. Customers can define zones and sub-zones and RFID readers and the antenna has to be fixed according to the size of the zone and sub-zone
  3. Install RFID middleware engine software which should gather data from the RFID reader
  4. Install RTLS software (HexaRTLS) to monitor the real-time movement of the employees in the facility
  5. Configure 2D or 3D maps
  6. Define Rules and KPI
  7. Define alert and notification setups
  8. View Dashboard, Real-time tracking windows, and reports for the day-to-day management of employees for their safety and productivity.

How to Use Employee Tracking System 

Step I: The employees get the Radio Frequency (RFID along with HF, UHF, and BLE) enabled badge or ID card or wristband that they wear during working hours. The universal badge provides multiple benefits such as access control, attendance, and monitoring

Step II: Key areas in your business environment like entrance and exit gates, and working areas are fitted with electronic devices called Radio Frequency(RFID) scanners or readers so that the devices can read the Radio Frequency(RFID) enabled badges, which your employees wear.

Step III: The Radio Frequency(RFID) ID badges worn by employees transmits data, which Radio Frequency(RFID) readers pull and send to our software HexaRTLS which powers the RFID employee tracking. Now you can track your employees anywhere using our software HexaRTLS.

emergency evacuation

Emergency Evacuation

RFID employee tracking can be deployed for emergency evacuation systems or mustering purposes during periodical evacuation drills or actual emergency incidents. This is a lifesaver as it can save lives during emergencies. We provide this solution for indoor as well as outdoor environments.

rfid visitor tracking

Visitor Tracking System

RFID employee tracking system can be used not only for employee monitoring but also for visitors and guests. Visitors are allowed to meet specific staff in a particular location only, but they might visit other areas as well which poses a security risk. HexaRTLS provides efficient visitor tracking using RFID & BLE badges

occupant tracking

Occupancy Tracking

Employee tracking system has one more dimension to use it as an occupancy tracking system. We can trace and track not only employees but also visitors, facility management staff, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, field visitors and every type of the employee or visitor can be tracked using occupant tracking system 

oil and gas employee tracking

Head Count Tracking

Headcount tracking is important in the Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and mining industries. Organization wants to know the exact location of employees which is important for the safety and security of an employee. We provide Lora based smart badges to track employees in outdoor environment

Features of RFID based Employee Tracking System

Locate employees/visitors from long distance

Provide real-time employee location information, visibility and tracking

Enforce company-specific, business-specific rules

Instantly locate a worker for assistance, safety and security ,




Track hours

Create dashboard views and personalized reports

Low cost among any other RTLS system in the world

Supplement Access control systems in our organization

Setup automated alerts notifications

Create Geo-fences & alert if workers enter a hazardous area

Attach to Assets Management System and Tools Tracking System in a single RTLS system

Record history of personnel moving in and around your premises/work areas

What’s new?

uhf rfid rtls

Uploading your site or premises floor plan in to the RFID employee tracking system: You can upload your Computer Aided Designs (CAD) or floor plan drawing in any format into the HexaRTLS software which will be integrated with the entire Radio Frequency(RFID) employee tracking system. RFID infrastructure provides real-time movement of employees, dwelling time, Geo-fencing, visual alerts and notifications to the management. You can have N number of sites or facilities which can be uploaded into our system to view your employee movements. Google Map Integration for global view of employee availability at locations: Our IoT suite allows to view your entire organizational overview of workforce availability in real-time across global locations to view in google map. You will get outdoor map like employee movements within a indoor facility and group of indoor locations integrated with UHF Radio Frequency(RFID) system RFID RTLS based Emergency Evacuation System: Organizations need to have a compliance with safety standards and procedures of the industry and government. HexaTrack RFID based real-time personnel tracking system can be used as a emergency evacuation system as well. Organization can count and view employees within every facility and premises during emergency evacuation periods. Organizations can save valuable lives of their employees using our RFID employee tracking system.

Does your business need Employee tracking?

If you are still thinking about whether you need to implement employee tracking or not, following questions will help you decide if you need employee tracking system?

Which industries Who Use RFID based tracking systems?

RFID based Employee Tracking System will benefit the larger organizations with multi-stories, high rise buildings or large work areas in oil and gas companies,as such in oil & gas, infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, real estate and other industries. In remote and hazardous areas, it becomes more challenging and important at the same time to keep track of efficiency and safety of personnel.

Does your business site frequently receive visitors and/or contractors?

Know where are your employers and ensuring their safety. RFID based visitor tracking system ensure safety of visitors as well as premises of an organization. 

Is measuring employee attendance and work time start/end seems challenging to you?

You can efficiently measure the attendance and work time with RFID tags which sends pin-point accurate data to RFID software.

Does your work conditions requires you to check the arrival and departure of the employees?

With smart RFID tracking, you can ensure the accountability of the employees, similarly check if they are where they need to be, and give access control where they are allowed?

If you answered Yes, to most of the questions then HexaHash’s RFID Employee tracking system can help ensure the accountability and safety of your workplace.  Our solution is very cost effective reliable and secure and allows organizations to implement a system that ensures the productivity, accountability and security of the employees.