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RFID Employee Tracking System – 12 Reasons for Success

RFID Employee Tracking System for Construction Worker Tracking:

RFID employee tracking system offer many benefits to the construction and infrastructure industries because of their environmental attributes and use cases. Construction companies are having difficulty locating any employee or group of employees, and they are unable to track their actual working hours, which results in revenue loss, diminished productivity, and delayed project timelines.

Despite the fact that every organization has a biometric or ID card (RFID Employee Badges) based attendance system to calculate its own employees’ presence as well as contract employees’ presence, they often find it difficult to find their exact work location on any particular day. This results in project delays, revenue losses, and chaos in the workplace.

An RFID system, or Radio Frequency Identification system, that uses RFID chips in the form of a badge or tag on a helmet, gives organizational administrators the ability to track employees in real-time. The RFID antenna attached to each zone or location scans a passive RFID tag attached to an employee and sends data to the reader in turn the reader sends the data to the employee tracking software.

The entire process is completed in milliseconds, allowing infrastructure and construction companies to know the precise location of their employees, their allocated zones, their total dwelling hours in unallocated areas, and their productivity and non-productivity hours. RFID Personnel tracking system can be used as a standalone RFID employee attendance system or employee productivity system.

The radio-frequency identification technology powered passive RFID system helps organizations to have a contactless monitoring of their employees in the sites offering the following benefits:

Employee Safety:

RFID system helps organizations to know the whereabouts of employees in real-time across their sites which increases employee safety and it provides RFID employee attendance system

RFID Employee Location Tracking:

Location tracking is easier with UHF RFID by creating zones and sub-zones and assigning employees to these zones.

HexaRTLS – A Passive RFID Personnel Tracking System:

HexaRTLS is a cost-effective tracking solution that enhances the safety and productivity of workers with real-time locating data 24/7.

RFID Dual badge with HF and UHF RFID helps organizations to use existing attendance systems to work with RTLS. HF RFID offers access control while UHF RFID offers location tracking

HexaRTLS – An  Active RFID Personnel Tracking System: 

HexaRTLS RFID-based employee tracking system uses active RFID as well for various clients across the globe. We implemented 433MHz Active RFID as well as 2.45GHz Active RFID for the construction and infrastructure industry with great success.

Features of HexaRTLS Employee Tracking System:

  1. Locate employees/visitors without presenting ID Cards which avoids the long queue
  2. Provide real-time RFID Worker Tracking location information
  3. Alert workers and managers if workers enter a hazardous area
  4. Setup automated alerts, notifications and Track dwelling hours
  5. Supplement Access control systems
  6. Tracking Work-in-Process Monitoring in the sites
  7. Automated in-time and out-time of employees in the sites
  8. Allocate a specific zone or multiple zones and monitor it
  9. Automatically collect and analyze employee movements
  10. Create geofencing to limit the work location for each employee
  11. Track movements in real-time and analyze the productivity
  12. Find working employees and non-working employees easier

Track your employees accurately across all your workplaces using passive RFID technology or the combination of UHF RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy IoT technology in real-time. Your business will achieve superior productivity, automated workflow management, and improved business processes with the HexaRTLS system. With the all-in-one employee monitoring platform, you have all the tools and functions that you need to manage your employees at construction or infrastructure projects.

HexaRTLS RFID personnel tracking system displays each tag location as an overlay on a map of the facility. This allows users to see at a glance where employees are located in real-time and which direction they are moving towards as well as whether employee activities are in motion or static.

HexaRTLS employee productivity platform provides not only employee tracking but also asset tracking as part of it which helps companies multiple benefits with a single infrastructure. A quick ROI is possible with dual benefit of a single suite of applications which enhances cost saving, faster ROI and more revenue to the organization.

rfid employee tracking system

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